3 Tips and 1 Secret for Intuitive and Efficient Audio Repair with Accusonus Single Knob Pack

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With audio repair, sometimes you just need to focus on what’s most important: the creative aspect of your work. But how many things ruin your audio? Let us count the ways:

  • Background noise from an air-conditioning unit,
  • Computer fans
  • Electric circuit hum
  • Muddiness from non-perfect room acoustics
  • Traffic’s dull roar and hiss

The list could be much longer. When noise happens, you lose some of the impact of your audio and it can be distracting. But you have to take care to clean up your audio quickly without compromising sound quality. This is why accusonus created the single-knob pack with two simple plugins: ERA-N and ERA-R. ERA-N is a plugin that automatically estimates your noise profile and offers precision-grade denoise functionality with the turn of a single knob.

Based on the multi-patented accusonus noise reduction algorithms, ERA-N simply works and allows for efficient removal of the most common noise sources without compromising audio quality. ERA-N can be used as an AAX or Audiosuite effect plug-in inside Pro Tools and Media Composer.

A single-knob is the main control of ERA-N and most of the time you don’t have to do anything else. Just dial in the amount of processing you want and you’re done! The knob values range from 0% to 100% and the knob’s tuning has been designed to be very smooth, so don’t hesitate to turn it all the way up to 70-75%. After this point the processing amount becomes more intense and such settings are more likely to be used in very rough cases, where noise is so prominent that affects speech intelligibility.

Based on the the same family of accusonus multi-patented audio repair technology, ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and offers the means to adjust the reverberation amount via a single control. When recordings are made in rooms which are not acoustically treated, they sound distant, “echoey” or hollow, because of room’s reverberation. You can use ERA-R to easily remove unwanted reverb and distracting echoes from your recordings. ERA-R is also available as an AAX or Audiosuite plugin for Pro Tools and Media Composer.

3 Tips and 1 secret

1. In audio repair there’s always a compromise to be made: over-processing your audio file might completely remove the unwanted distortion but it can also introduce artifacts. Try to recognise the artifacts of overdone noise reduction/de-reverberation so you can find the right amount of processing for your case. In some cases, when you plan to mix your audio with other sounds, you can allow for more processing, since artifacts will be masked in the mix.

2. Removing noise or reverb means that you will decrease the signal energy (e.g. a part of what you hear will be gone). Don’t forget to compensate for this energy change and match your levels using the gain

3. Focus on your actual signal instead of focusing on the noise. Try to understand what characteristics make it sound good and how the recorded noise distracts the listener from them.

4. A secret between post production professionals is that sometimes it sounds better if you apply several times a noise repair algorithm using light settings than just applying it once using hard If you want to try this, don’t hesitate to open several instances of ERA-N and ERA-R in the same track: although the underlying algorithms are state-of-the-art the plugins are lightweight and you shouldn’t encounter any CPU or Memory  problems in a modern computer.


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