The ACA Celebrates Its 5th Annual Avid Connect Event and Exciting Changes for the Organization

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Avid Connect 2018 was an important milestone for the Avid Customer Association (ACA) as the group celebrated its 5th annual event and the start of a new chapter for the ACA.

Avid Connect and the ACA have come a long way since inception and this year’s event was highlighted by new records on attendance, technology partner sponsor participation, and valuable sessions by our community.

Avid Connect 2018 welcomed over 1,400 attendees representing over 50 countries for the weekend long event.  Over 40 technology and alliance partners joined in supporting the community collaboration that the ACA instills across many segments of our industry. In addition, nearly 80 accomplished industry professionals participated in nearly 40 breakout sessions to share their stories, successes, challenges, knowledge and opportunities.

The ACA Executive Board and Advisory Committees held their annual in-person meetings under a new and modernized structure that the ACA Executive Board has been working on in order to ensure the continued success of the program.

This new structure will successfully take the ACA into the future, while still aligning to the original mission and purpose of the ACA.

  • Facilitating the exchange of information, ideas, experiences and industry challenges so as to address the most pressing industry issues.
  • Providing ongoing dialogue in a structured manner between Avid and its community of users, partners, and customers so as to improve communication and prioritization of industry topics for discussion.
  • Incorporating feedback from the entire ACA and be a voice for concerns and challenges.
  • Working in cooperation with Avid in accomplishing the annual gathering the ACA Annual Event (Avid Connect) of all ACA members, Advisory Councils and Executive Board of Directors.

The annual ACA Vote results were revealed, demonstrating the enormous influence that the dialog between the ACA and Avid have on what Avid delivers.  In the past year, over 80 releases have been a direct result of the annual ACA Vote.

With a strong agenda that is on target with the needs of our community, the ACA and Avid Connect continue to drive engagement and collaboration in our industry. This year’s event was an inspiration and I look forward to seeing what the ACA brings to our industry in 2018 and beyond and another successful event in 2019.

As Director of the Avid Customer Association, I am fortunate to work with our exceptional customers and the Avid Leadership Team to ensure the success of the Avid Customer Association (ACA), a program designed to address strategic industry issues.