The ACA Vote Is an Opportunity Not to Be Missed!

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Over the years, the Avid Customer Association (ACA) has grown immensely and has become a recognized force in the industry. Together, Avid and the ACA have:


• Impacted offerings that Avid is delivering (check out one of Avid and the ACA’s collaborative efforts in 2016)

• Reached a new height with the launch of the ACA Vote 

• Embarked on the next stage of impacting products and solutions that will solve our challenges


Now, Avid and the ACA Executive Board are counting on YOU, our community members, to participate, share your voice, and help us expand the possibilities. This is a major milestone for the ACA and Avid as they jointly determine what our future looks like. Check out what the ACA’s leaders have to say about the importance of this first-ever opportunity to directly shape Avid’s roadmaps:

“With the launch of the ACA Vote, we are entering a new phase of customer participation in the future of Avid’s direction. This is the chance for each member, including new members, to join the community in an unprecedented opportunity to collectively impact the future of Avid products and solutions. I strongly encourage members of our community to participate.”

David Mash, Senior Vice President for Innovation Strategy & Technology, Berklee College of Music and Chairman of the Avid Customer Association’s Executive Board of Directors

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“The ACA has reached an exciting milestone with the launch of the ACA Vote, a program in which I am proud to be an active member of the Executive Board. Regardless of whether or not you have been a part of this open organization in the past, now is the time to get involved and participate in the inaugural vote that will guide Avid on delivery solutions that we need to solve our challenges. Now is our chance to influence the future in a collaborative way with Avid. I encourage you to vote today.”

— Darren Long, Director of Sky Production Services, UK and ACA Executive Board Member

I strongly encourage you, and anyone in your organization that wants to impact Avid’s direction, to play a role in our shaping our collective future. But you can’t do that if you don’t vote!

Round 1 of voting is open until January 27, 2017 and is your only chance to vote on the full candidate list AND engage in writ-in opportunities (Round 2, Feb 13, 2017 – Mar 3, 2017, will encompass the top results from Round 1 and write-in opportunities will no longer be available).

To impact issues and create change, vote today!

Participate in the Inaugural ACA Vote

Shape the direction of Avid’s future solutions. Share your voice and expand the possibilities today. Round 1:  Dec 5, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017.


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