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Second Annual ACA Vote

You voted. Avid delivered 60+ of your
requests already. Let the momentum continue.

What will Avid deliver in 2018?
YOU have the power to decide.


Round 1: Open now – Feb 2, 2018 │ Round 2: Feb 19, 2018 – Mar 9, 2018 │ Results: April 6-8, 2018 Las Vegas

  • Looking Forward to the 5th Avid Connect

    Looking forward to the 5th Avid Connect in April. An opportunity to learn, share, network & collaborate with technology innovators and award-winning creative artists.

  • Avid is Once Again Giving the ACA Community the Unique Opportunity to Vote on Our Future

    Last year’s inaugural ACA Vote has led to action from Avid. Check out the results and vote now to make an impact in 2018.

  • Media Security in a Digital Age

    In a digital world, we need to figure out quickly how to protect ourselves and our assets. John Aranowicz shares some solutions on media security in today’s society.

  • Second Annual ACA Vote Now Open

    Avid is once again giving the ACA community the unique opportunity to vote on our future. We invite current and new members to share priorities on products, solutions, and future focus areas.

  • A New World of Cultural Exchange

    Never before has it been more important for a new generation of Arab storytellers to embrace digital media as a tool for two-way cultural exchange.

  • A Day in the Life of Post Production on a Live Reality TV Show

    Ever wonder what a day in the life of Post Production on a Live Reality TV Show was like? Randy Magalski, Senior Editor at Sim gives you a closer look.

  • Data May Be Abundant, but Information Can Still Be Scarce

    Data may be abundant, but information can still be scarce. Maureen Droney, Managing Director for The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, navigates you through this challenge in storytelling.

  • Global Social Responsibility of Media Companies — History and Structure of a German Media Market

    Dr. Andreas Bereczky, Vice Chair of ZDF German Television, provides his thoughts on the Storyteller’s Dilemma as it exists in the German media market.

  • Avid, AICE, and the ACA: Collaborating on the Future

    Avid, AICE, and the ACA recently partnered for a roundtable Q&A to review the ACA Vote results, share feedback, and address daily workflow challenges.

  • How New Technology Can Fuel the Creativity in Songwriting

    New technology can fuel the creativity in songwriting. Read songwriter and producer Mischke’s insights and how they relate to “The Storyteller’s Dilemma”.

  • What’s New With the Avid Customer Association?

    The ACA is working to ensure alignment with the needs of the community and the exciting momentum of the MediaCentral Platform. Introducing the new ACA structure.

  • The Community Is Still Buzzing About Avid Connect 2017

    The community is still buzzing about Avid Connect 2017! View the event highlights to catch a glimpse of all of the action.

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