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  • Follow Avid in Las Vegas on Social Media During Avid Connect and NAB 2016

    If you can’t make it to Avid Connect and NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, let’s meet online. Here’s how to follow all the news, updates and announcements from Avid on social media.

  • HP and NVIDIA Partner with Avid as Founding Sponsors of Avid Connect 2016

    HP has been working alongside NVIDIA to create the world’s leading workstation solutions. Experience their latest solutions and more at Avid Connect 2016.

  • Avid’s Collaboration with VR Innovator LiveLike brings Compelling ‘Mixed Reality’ Experiences to Sports Fans

    Read how VR innovator LiveLike brings augmented reality environments to TV sports productions, thanks to the tight integration with Avid 3DPlay and the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

  • Dell, AMD and Avid Join Forces in Business at Avid Connect 2016

    Dell and AMD are joining forces with Avid for yet another year at Avid Connect 2016 this April in Las Vegas, just prior to NAB. Environments like Avid Connect, where multiple partners and their solutions are present, provide the ability to share ideas, leverage and learn from others who support…

  • Get Your Career Started at Avid Connect 2016

    Join Paddy Bird, founder of Inside The Edit—the industry’s leading creative editing website—at Avid Connect 2016 for a premiere of its new one-hour masterclass. Plus, discover four major crafting secrets not taught in film schools, training courses, or manuals.

  • Avid Connect 2016: Free Avid Recertification and Career Advice for Students and Educators Alike

    With an entire track of sessions geared toward the next generation of audio and video professionals and those helping them get their careers started, Avid Connect 2016 will be an invaluable experience for students and educators.

  • Avid Connect—An Awe-Inspiring Experience I Would Not Want to Miss

    Avid Connect is an awe-inspiring experience. that I do not want to miss. Learn why I plan to arrive at this year’s event early, get a good seat and absorb as much as I can about all the new products and services Avid has to offer.

  • Why the First Person to Register for Avid Connect 2016 Is Saying “Don’t Miss It!”

    Why the first person to register for Avid Connect 2016 is saying “Don’t Miss It!” Here are a few reasons why you should make sure you secure your spot for this year’s Connect event.

  • Experience the Future in Motion: Attend Educational and Inspirational Sessions at Avid Connect 2016

    We are incredibly excited to share a fantastic agenda that has been put together with your help and input. There are a plethora of inspirational and educational sessions dedicated to workflows, pressing challenges, customer insights, product announcements and more. These sessions are opportunities for attendees to learn how Avid Everywhere…

  • Five Reasons Why You Should Join the Movement and Register for Avid Connect 2016

    For 36 dedicated hours on April 15 – 17, 2016 at the Wynn Las Vegas, skills will be shared, craft will be honed, and the tools of the trade will be revealed and refined. Don’t miss Avid Connect 2016.

  • Why I Joined the Movement: Staying Involved in Our Industry is Key To Remaining Ahead of the Game

    Why I Joined the Movement: Staying Involved in Our Industry is Key To Remaining Ahead of the Game

    Sandy Nasseri, ACA leader and Chair of the Partner Advisory Council explains why she joined the movement. She believes that staying involved in our industry is key to remaining ahead of the game.

  • Avid Connect 2015 Breakout Sessions Recap: Audio Creative Teams and Individual Artists

    What You Missed at the Audio Creative Teams and Individual Artists Education Sessions at Avid Connect 2015

    Our Avid Connect 2015 event was a huge success, with over 1,000 media and creative professionals from around the world in attendance. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the three audio breakout sessions that took place.

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