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It’s no exaggeration, although it might be a little clichéd, to say that we are currently enjoying a golden age of TV. Or, to be more precise, a golden age of content, with the advent of mobile devices creating more viewing options. Conventional broadcasters are upping their game to compete with new-kids-on-the-block Netflix, Google and Amazon, who in turn are investing heavily in original series production. Who knew? Despite fears about how the online interlopers might disturb the broadcast equilibrium, it appears that the entertainment industry isn’t a zero sum game.

The statistics bear this out – take a look at this recent study by FX Networks of scripted original series. Although conventional broadcast dipped a little in 2016, the growth in online services – over 100%, year on year – far outstrips that small decline.

So, this is all great news for content creators, yes? Well, there is a sting in the tail. The growth in connected 4K/UHD consumer TVs and mobile devices, combined with better and better broadband coverage is rapidly connecting the dots in the value chain to make 4K/UHD a key differentiator for online providers like Netflix. So, the knock-on effect is that post-production studios have to up their game too, to equip their facilities for 4K/UHD production.

Avid has all the necessary components for 4K/UHD post-production in Media Composer, Avid Artist | DNxIQ and new sibling DNxIV, Avid NEXIS shared storage and the all-new MediaCentral platform, announced at IBC 2017. Collectively, these components are packaged as MediaCentral for Post. But what promises to be a real game-changer for Avid’s traditional post production customer base is a brand new element of the MediaCentral eco-system – MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management

CPUs get faster, and so do hard drives – see the introduction of an SSD option for the Avid NEXIS | E2 storage engines at IBC 2017 – but the speed gains are sedately incremental. What MediaCentral | Editorial Management brings to the party is an order of magnitude increase in speed through workflow streamlining and collaboration, whether you’re working in HD or 4K/UHD.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management is a MediaCentral module designed specifically for the needs of smaller teams, yet is extensible enough to grow and expand as your business grows. It brings a new layer of file management, as well as extended collaborative capabilities, to both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro® workflows. And it’s very easy to scale; as your teams and needs grow your workflow can easily expand with additional power and functionality.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management makes it easy and incredibly fast to create, manage, and search through shared Media Composer projects and bins – even if they’re not open – and add media from Avid NEXIS to their own bins. In addition, Media Composer editors can browse through non-Avid media and link them to their bins, while Premiere editors can add non-Avid media to their bins. Assistant editors can also jumpstart production by managing folders on Avid NEXIS, and create projects and bins for the editor. It is the ultimate collaboration tool.

Also, it’s easy to install and configure, so you’ll be up and running in no time. The MediaCentral Core indexing engine and service keep track of all projects and media stored on Avid NEXIS, so everyone on the team can view what’s available in real time.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management

Developing the new MediaCentral eco-system has been Avid’s largest-ever engineering project, and by design, will extend into many different content creation environments. But the potential benefits for Avid’s core post-production customer community – streamlining workflow and collaboration to make production slick and efficient, whatever the resolution you are working in – will make them perfectly placed to take full commercial advantage of this golden age of content.

MediaCentral for Post

MediaCentral streamlines post production by providing the complete spectrum of workflow capabilities, seamlessly integrated into one simple solution.

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