Adobe Premiere Pro Editors, You Can Now Take Full Advantage of Avid Shared Storage

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The Avid ISIS team and Adobe have worked closely to enhance the performance of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 with ISIS 4.7. As a result, Adobe Premiere Pro editors can now take full advantage of Avid ISIS Shared Storage.

Both Avid and Adobe have made a number of optimizations to improve the way files are accessed on ISIS to ensure the maximum read and write speed. There’s no longer a need to have a separate storage group for Adobe Premiere Pro editors; Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro editors can share the same workspaces without worrying about a performance impact.

While we were at it, we went through our backlog of bugs and resolved any outstanding issues.

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“We are pleased that Avid’s shared storage systems now provide the high performance required for Adobe solutions,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “With this news, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Media Composer can share Avid DNxHD media and other open file types on the same infrastructure. Our large base of shared customers will undoubtedly realize significant workflow benefits from this collaboration.”

 -Simon Williams, Director of Strategic Relations

With the current version of Avid ISIS, video editing professionals can now use virtually any third-party Mac OS X, Windows or Linux content creation tool with ISIS shared storage.

You can find details on the performance in the ISIS Performance Guides.

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  • Daniel Laabs

    Probably a good idea to change the name of Avid ISIS to anything other then ISIS.

    • Peter Diaz

      Why should they? The product has been around for over 10 years, and the organization has only just surfaced. Plus, aren’t they really known as ISIL?

  • dressman

    So, does this mean Avid has given up on the NLE front? Has Avid decided to eventually be a shared storage company only? Or has Avid decided to spin off Protools,Avid shared storage, and the NLE as separate companies?

    • The answer to all three of your questions is no. With the release of 4K native workflows, flexible licensing (own it OR subscribe), and the new high-res codec DNxHR, Avid has demonstrated continuous innovations in the NLE market with the Media Composer family now and for the long-term.

      What this Adobe announcement does clearly demonstrate is our commitment to the Avid Everywhere vision, announced at Avid Connect and NAB 2014. The most fluid end-to-end, distributed media production environment in the industry, led by Avid MediaCentral which is the platform that enables an open environment integrating technology from Avid and OTHER providers.

      It’s a great time to be in the media industry!

  • chipchart1 .

    Does this mean Avid can now import a Premier EDL? Can the 2 programs share media? Are you ready for a great St. Patties day?

  • chrisozman

    Not sure where Avid is based but I wonder if they know that outside the USA where Obama seems to have an obsession with calling the Islamic State ISIL, it is known as ISIS. As Daniel points out below. sooner or later Avid will have to change it, I would suggest now would be a clever time.

  • I thought this article was about ISIS like @chrisozman:disqus said. I advise you to get rid of that part in your name