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  • Track and Replace Screens Inside Media Composer with Mocha

    Perform advanced motion tracking, match moves, and screen replacement with the Mocha Pro effects plug-in for Avid Media Composer—watch the video tutorial.

  • NDR Radio Station Invests in Pro Tools | S6 to Be Used with Third-Party DAW, Sequoia

    The Pro Tools | S6 mixing console works seamlessly with third-party DAW, Sequoia, at NDR Radio Station in Hanover, Germany. Music production team leader Ingo Schwarze explains.

  • Does Your Master Sound Better Than Your Mix?

    The changes that happen to your mix during mastering can be both subtle and dramatic. That’s why Mastering The Mix created a Pro Tools referencing plug-in that helps you identify the intricate differences between your mix and the final master.

  • Planar Tracking and Advanced Effects: Mocha Pro 5 Plug-in for Avid Media Composer

    In this video, we’ll show how the Mocha Pro 5 Avid plug-in can be used to planar track the camera movement of a shot and add graphics to the tracked motion without leaving Media Composer.

  • Avid Studio Suite Solutions Fuel Graphics Creativity for Ireland’s TV3

    Leading Irish commercial broadcaster, TV3, discusses adopting an end-to-end Avid workflow including next-generation creative graphics solutions.

  • Media Composer 8.9 is Now Available — Here’s What’s New

    Discover our brand new update to Media Composer that will accelerate storytelling with the tools embraced by top movie, television, and broadcast editors! Here’s what’s new in Media Composer 8.9.

  • Removing Unwanted Objects with Mocha Pro and Media Composer

    Master the art of object removal using the Mocha Pro plug-in within your Avid Media Composer timeline.

  • Avid, Dolby, and Cutting Edge Host an Immersive Audio Event Where Sound is the Star

    Avid, Dolby, and Cutting Edge hosted an industry event at the Dolby Cinema where Dolby Atmos audio technology and immersive sound are the real stars.

  • Audionamix: AAX Audio Source Separation Magic for Pro Tools

    Through its patented ADX technology, Audionamix sets the gold standard for audio source separation. See how it’s used in Pro Tools to create new audio arrangements and unlock new distribution opportunities for your content.

  • Unlocking the Power of Avid ScriptSync

    Speed up script-based editing with Avid ScriptSync! In this webinar, editor Chris Bové shows us how he eliminates time-consuming manual media searches and quickly finds the best take or perfect clip.

    by Chris Bové
  • 3 Ways Sound Effects Can Take Your Audio or Video Project to the Next Level

    Pro Sound Effects gives Avid users invaluable tips for using their 250,000 sound library to create professional-grade content.

  • Q&A with Editor Paul Machliss, ACE, on Baby Driver

    Editor Paul Machliss, ACE, gave us an in-depth look at his relationship with Media Composer, his editing setup for Baby Driver, and his on-set workflow with Director Edgar Wright.

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