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“Success is about dedication…You’ve got to be willing to have vision and foresight that leads you to an incredible end.”


To those of us in music, film or other creative arts, many others would say we’re nuts. And they might be right. We’ve committed to a goal fraught with challenges—a constantly changing business model, fierce competition, and the need to expose your own personal aesthetic, to name a few. For anyone to make such a commitment, they’d have to be irrationally passionate about their goal. I can relate.


Empowered and Energized

I’m passionate about delivering solutions that will improve the lives of creative pros and aspiring artists—including my own. Perhaps many of us on the Pro Tools team share that passion and commitment because a lot of us are artists, musicians and engineers too. That’s why we’ve committed to delivering a steady stream of Pro Tools updates all year long through Avid All Access plans.

In the past year alone, the new Pro Tools improvements have made a huge difference in how I work. For example:

Pro Tools 12.0

  • With improved I/O Setups and unlimited busses I no longer waste time resolving the different setups when exchanging sessions with co-writers and studios.
  • I always know when there’s a dot-release update to Pro Tools or Avid plug-in (I tend to have a heads-up on the major releases already as the marketing director) thanks to the App Manager, which also makes it super-convenient to download and install.

Pro Tools 12.1

  • Having Pro Tools | Control, a free iOS app for controlling Pro Tools, has made recording so much easier when I’m tracking my own vocals away from my system in my home-growth vocal booth (ok, so it’s a really closet—but it works). Now I can comfortably hit record, punch in, and get anywhere in the session without needing to run back and forth to my rig. I also find it makes mixing much more intuitive…though I’m still saving up for a Pro Tools | S3.
  • I don’t typically use an abundance of tracks for my music, but they certainly do seem to pile up when working with others. So now having 128 audio tracks makes it a lot less likely I’ll ever run out.
  • Making a pre-fader aux mix for headphones is almost instantaneous using the Copy to Send feature.

Pro Tools 12.2

  • When mixes start getting large, there’s nothing like VCA Masters to help you get control and balance groups of tracks. I use them for groups of vocal tracks especially, where individual tracks probably already have automation, so I can easily automate the group level.
  • I never thought the day would come, but thanks to Disk Cache I can run Pro Tools sessions off my home network drive over Wi-Fi! Wow. A hard drive is one less thing I need to plug into my laptop now, and I can pull up sessions anywhere in my home—and the system remains as fast and responsive as ever.
  • Who wouldn’t get excited about a bunch of new plug-in effects that were meticulously modeled after classic stomp boxes? I am! The 16 brand-new stomp box effects that are now included for free with your All Access Plug-in Plan have given me so many new choices for guitar tones as well as other instruments. And, I love that they are fun and easy to use.

Pro Tools 12.3, November

  • Did you know you can almost instantaneously flatten multiple tracks from any ReWire instrument using Track Commit? It’s awesome. Route multiple channels out of Ableton Live or Reason into Pro Tools using ReWire, click on Track Commit and BANG! All your ReWire tracks are flattened audio tracks. Love it.
  • Lining up drum samples, fixing timing on vocals, guitar, drums or anything is so much easier now that you can see waveforms when aligning clips thanks to Clip Transparency.

Pro Tools 12.4, December

  • I think we’re all really happy about Track Freeze. When using a bunch of virtual instruments, it feels great to know that I can just lick that little snowflake to quickly offload a bunch off CPU cycles so I can keep moving my project forward with almost no limitations.

Ongoing Commitment

These features represent a lot of innovation that make Pro Tools a stronger, better tool for music creation and audio post. But our vision, Avid Everywhere, isn’t just about improving the traditional tools for traditional challenges. It’s about taking on the new, emerging issues that aren’t being met by the industry and delivering a solution that connects artists and media pros in a more collaborative, efficient and profitable way.

Now we’re on the cusp of delivering another major milestone in that goal—Avid Cloud Collaboration, available on March 31st. This development enables the largest network of artists and media professionals to work fluidly with others like never before. Check out a demonstration here.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our commitment is fanatical and we’re obsessed with delivering ongoing innovation with improvements across music creation and mixing workflows throughout 2016. Hold on to your seat.


Renewing My Commitment, and My All Access Plan

With my All Access Upgrade Plan coming up for renewal, I see a few big opportunities in front of me. First, this is my chance to ensure that I’m going to get the next 12-months of Pro Tools upgrades and all the ongoing innovation in the coming year, including Avid Cloud Collaboration (really can’t wait for this!). And for only $99, it’s a no-brainer. I’d much rather stay on top of these than wait until after my plan expires and pay $299.

But even better, right now there’s an awesome limited-time promotion to get the Tel-Ray variable delay for FREE when you renew your Annual Upgrade Plan. Plus, you can get the Eleven guitar amp emulator plug-in for FREE when you add an Plug-in & Support Plan to your renewal for only $99 more. (If you’re interested, keep in mind that this offer ends on March 31, 2016 and this plan is retroactive starting March 1, 2016. You can find more info here.)

And last but not least, this is also a great opportunity for me to recommit to my art, goals, and creative vision this year. What are your creative goals in 2016?

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As an audio engineer and artist, I’ve recorded, mixed, prepped and cued for live broadcast, infomercials, radio, books on tape, and have done audio postproduction and scores. Since starting with Digidesign in 1996 I’ve had various roles in sales and marketing and today I serve as the product and solution marketing director at Avid. I love playing guitar and the art of making magic in the studio and while I currently don’t work in the field, I still make time for making music.