Arturia V-Collection 5: The Dream Collection of Synthesizers and Vintage Keyboards for Pro Tools

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Most of us know Arturia as the award-winning French architects of breakout virtual instruments for music creation, and now, the V-Collection offers 17 of these sonically and visually gigantic AAX plug-ins in V-Collection 5 on Avid Marketplace.  Whether you’re just coming on board with Pro Tools | First or you’re a creative pro working on Pro Tools | HD, the size and depth of Arturia V-Collection places it in the “must have” category for anyone with an appetite for creative options and access to the legendary instruments used in the recordings and live shows that none of us can forget.

The Avid Team recently had a chance to take a tour through V-Collection 5 with Kevin Molcard, Arturia’s Director of Software Development.  It was amazing to see what incredible detail and work they bring to recreating these legendary synths, pianos, organs – even a Synclavier® –   for AAX!   The original interfaces are impeccably rendered in high definition, then, the characteristics of analog oscillators are delivered in remarkable detail, transparency and clarity, with the exact properties of the analog components that give each classic instrument its signature sound.

Whether you want to use a MiniMoog or an ARP 2600, a glass piano or a VOX continental on the song you’re imagining, you can now pick and choose with no limits.   The line-up consists of 17 software instruments: Analog Lab, Synclavier V, B-3 V, Mini V, Piano V, Stage-73 V, Matrix-12 V, Farfisa V, Solina V, SEM V, Wurli V, Jup-8 V, ARP 2600 V, CS-80 V, Prophet V, VOX Continental V and Modular V.  As you’d expect,, the AAX plug-ins all go beyond the original specifications of the instruments, like polyphony for originally mono instruments, tons of premium effects,  accompanying amp and room emulations, and some cool surprises.  The Jupiter 8 poly-synth has a “galaxy” module with a user-definable 2-dimensional LFO to add new effects to each voice.   The multi-instrument piano module is surprising in its range of controls for mic positioning, hammer and string characteristics and rooms – a plug-in collection in itself.   Knowing that legendary keyboards evolve over time, the Farfisa allows you to adjust the age of the key contacts! Finally, In a beautiful display of corporate pride, there is an “Arturia” preset on the Minimoog that speaks the word “Arturia!”

Some of these instruments have enjoyed creative input from their original inventors, like the Minimoog and the Modular V, to which the legendary Bob Moog added his endorsement, and the New England Digital Synclavier®, which was developed in partnership with original co-inventor, Cameron Jones.  In its heyday, the Synclavier was used by Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny and Tangerine Dream and could be yours for about $400,000. Arturia worked with Mr. Jones to build on the original with extensive new filters and effects.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to see more Avid customers embracing the V Collection. Pro Tools has been the production suite of choice for many years and it is a privilege for us to be partnering with Avid. It is also a chance for many to see how efficient the integration between our products work and how easy it is to access them from Avid | Marketplace.”

—Frederic Brun, President of Arturia

The instruments in V-Collection 5 use Arturia’s True Analog Emulation (TAE®) to render their instruments indistinguishable from the hardware originals, and this approach has opened the door to an explosion of features that didn’t come with the hardware and are not available through digital sampling alone. Get inspired by the more than 5,000 professional presets that come with V-Collection, or use the versatile built-in effects, tailored for each instrument, to create sounds that have never existed before.  Save everything in Analog Lab, the companion interface that allows for complete management, control and combination of your instruments.  These are the underpinnings of a legendary collection of virtual instruments available now on Avid|Marketplace.  Start enjoying Arturia V-Collection today!

Arturia V-Collection 5 for Pro Tools

For a very limited time, Arturia and Avid will partner to offer this collection at a once-in-a-lifetime value price.


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