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Pro Tools + Auto-Tune: A Pitch-Perfect Combination

In this session, we are joined by our friends at Antares, Henrik Bridger and Anthony Gordon, who showcase what makes Auto-Tune® and Pro Tools a lethal real-time tuning and production powerhouse, including the Avid DSP specific version, Auto-Tune Hybrid, for HDX and Pro Tools | Carbon users!

Using MPC Beats and Reason+ in Pro Tools

Audio Application Specialist, Simon Sherbourne shows how to use MPC Beats and Reason+ in Pro Tools.  Simon will explore show these two powerful music production tools integrate closely with Pro Tools, and bring a wealth of creative possibilities to your music.

Pro Tools | Carbon Early Adopters

Audio engineers and music producers Sam Pura and Jean-Marie Horvat join us to share their insights on putting the Pro Tools | Carbon hybrid audio production system to work!

Get to know the Noise Engineering Plugins

Noise Engineering and artist/producer Matt Lange joins us to discuss the three newly released AAX-exclusive plugins for Pro Tools based on their popular Eurorack modules, with a Pro Tools demo by Matt.

Year in Review

In the final Audio Community Plugin of the year we take a look back at the world of audio from Avid in 2020, from Pro Tools and EUCON software releases, to ground-breaking new hardware, followed by one last Q&A session with the team.

Accessibility in Audio

In this Community Plugin, we are joined by special guest, musician, producer, and engineer, Jason Dasent, an expert Pro Tools user, without eyesight. Jason discusses the unique challenges he encounters while  working in the music industry and demonstrate his use of the accessibility features in Pro Tools . We are also  joined by Ed Gray from Avid who is instrumental in driving accessibility into Pro Tools and Sibelius.

Avid Audio Update

In this Community Plugin, we are joined by Avid’s François Quereuil, and Kyle Splittgerber, to discuss the brand new hybrid audio production system, Pro Tools | Carbon and the latest Pro Tools 2020.11 release.

The Best of Audio Plugins

Two of the audio industry’s leading plugin developers, Colin McDowell (McDSP) and Dirk Ulrich (Plugin Alliance), discuss the power of the AAX and Pro Tools platforms and share their respective design philosophies.

Get Up and Running with Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

Take a tour of the powerful and versatile Pro Tools | MTRX Studio interface and learn how to configure use the system to support a range of music, post, and even Dolby Atmos® setups and workflows.

The Immersive Musical Journey with Pro Tools, AvidPlay and Dolby Atmos

Explore how to create and deliver music in Dolby Atmos®, using Pro Tools and AvidPlay with a distinguished panel of experts, including producer and engineer Mert Özcan, Jacaranda Records’ Capomaestro Ray Mia, producer and engineer Mark Gustafson, along with Dolby’s Ceri Thomas and Avid’s Greg Chin and Rob D’Amico.

Setting Up a Home Studio

Avid Audio Application Specialist and Producer Gaurav Harrish shares his tips for Pro Tools beginners, including how to set up a studio and start recording.

Mixing Atmos for TV

BAFTA winner and Head of Audio at The Farm, Nick Fry shares his creative process and discusses the advantages of working in Dolby Atmos to create the best possible audio experience.

In the Studio with Greg “Stryke” Chin

Electronic dance music recording artist/remixer/DJ and Avid Audio Evangelist, Greg “Stryke” Chin shares some of his workflows and explains his approach to music creation using Pro Tools.

Remote Music Mixing with Yaron Fuchs and Michael Brauer

Veteran mix engineers Yaron Fuchs (Herbie Hancock, Annie Lennox, Ben Harper, Paul Simon, Sting) and Michael Brauer (Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith) discuss their approaches and workflows for remote, collaborative music production.

Folder Tracks Deep Dive

Learn about Folder Tracks, the powerful feature and workflow enhancement introduced in Pro Tools 2020, including some creative uses for Folder Tracks in your music and post production sessions.

Remote Workflows in Audio Post

Discussion about remote workflows in audio post with special guests Tom Dalton (Brown Bear Audio), Avi Laniado (Harbor Picture Company), Lew Goldstein (Parabolic Post), and Ken Hahn (Audio Post @ B).

Using EUCON Surfaces with Folder Tracks

Learn how to use Avid’s EUCON control surfaces to navigate and mix Pro Tools Folder Tracks. This video also covers the latest QuickTime workflows on macOS Catalina.

Pro Tools 2020.3, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, and Avid S1

Discover what’s new in Pro Tools 2020.3, and get in-depth tours of the new Pro Tools | MTRX Studio interface and Avid S1 control surface.

Make your mark with Pro Tools

Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Reason and Pro Tools — The Perfect Match

It’s an exciting time to be producing music. Reason, the celebrated rack of virtual gear, is no longer just standalone music software. With Reason 11, Reason Studios (formerly known as Propellerheads) has brought the entire rack to all other DAW users with the Reason Rack Plugin. We’ve spent some quality time with the brand new AAX version and wow, it’s great to be back!

Originally conceived way back in 2000, Reason’s walked a different path than other music software. While it’s grown from a synth rack into a full-fledged DAW, the focus is and always has been on the masterfully designed devices. Stacking up your rack with instruments, effects, utilities and MIDI effects is both exciting and addictive. It’s that explorative part of music making, where ideas are generated and inspiration strikes, that Reason’s all about. Tapping into that within Pro Tools with the AAX Native Reason Rack Plugin is even better, while ReWire remains a viable option for other products to work together with Pro Tools.

This tight integration of Reason Rack as an AAX plug-in within Pro Tools allows creators to access all the powerful music creation features and workflows with speed and efficiency, with no workarounds and low host CPU usage.   The combination of Reason’s veritable bounty of instruments, effects, and MIDI utilities, paired with the world’s industry standard DAW, Pro Tools, with its unmatched editing capability and sonic fidelity, is truly a match made in heaven.

Pro Tools and Reason Rack are both iconic, in their own right.  Pro Tools is known the world over, with its familiar edit/arrange and mix windows.  Reason is immediately recognized by its easily accessible rack. Then of course there are the cables. The dangling virtual audio and CV cables when you flip the Reason Rack around still evoke a smile as much as ever. With the ever-growing array of devices and numerous third-party Rack Extensions, you can go super deep with the modularity of the Reason Rack. Everything is automatically patched together in a logical way, but you can freely change the routing and experiment to find your sound.

While checking out the Reason Rack AAX Plugin in Pro Tools, we’ve been reminded why we love devices like Thor Polysonic Synthesizer and Redrum. The flexibility and raw synthesis power of Thor makes it the choice for those iconic synth sounds while Redrum’s drum machine workflow is super intuitive. It’s perhaps strange to talk about “classics” in software, but these devices definitely check the boxes for it.

If you haven’t checked out Reason in a while, there are many new devices to explore. The Europa and Grain synthesizers, a wavetable and granular synth respectively, deliver a vast array of sounds that feel at home in anything from chart toppers to expressive film scores. The dynamics and EQ from Reason’s mixer are in there too, so you can stack up as many Master Bus Compressors as you want. We could go on about the instruments and effects in Reason for many more blog posts, there are over 70 devices in the Suite version of Reason, but we’ll leave it there for now.

There is something natural to having the Reason Rack inside of Pro Tools, just like having that trusted hardware rack next your favorite console that you turn to for every track. And with the breadth of devices and possibilities in Reason, there’s something for everyone in that rack. Reason is for sale today on the Avid Marketplace and we’re really happy that you’ll be able to put this dynamic duo to work again.

There are many ways to enjoy Reason, from purchasing a perpetual license for Reason 11 on the Avid Webstore, to purchasing the brand new one-year license there. If you want to try out Reason + and subscribe to it monthly, you can do so at the reason Studio Site. No matter which way you go, we know that Reason will offer endless creative enjoyment.”
And here are links to purchase the two new items on Avid webstore:



Make your mark with Pro Tools

Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Introducing Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Systems

Pro Tools | HDX is the most powerful audio DSPenabled system, which provides users the complete confidence to record, edit, and mix large and complex sessions without worrying about latency or the lack of processing powerPlug-ins run on dedicated DSP chips on the powerful HDX PCIe cards, connected to high quality DigiLink I/O such as the Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI, HD MADI, or MTRX, all connected to the industry standard Pro Tools | Ultimate DAW software.  These components make up the bulk of what a typical HDX system looks like.   


Bringing the power of HDX to your desktop and rack 

In recent years, as laptops, iMacs, Mac minis, and other non-tower computers have become more powerful, users of external PCIe cards have increasingly turned to external Thunderbolt chassis.  Recognizing this and wanting to deliver a superior experience when using HDX with the most modern machines, we’ve partnered with Sonnet to deliver a custom-built Thunderbolt 3 chassis, optimized for HDX. Available in desktop and rack-mounted varieties, the new chassis bring HDX out of the shadows, where it was previously hidden away in a traditional tower computer, and give it a form factor that is sleek, portable, and exceptionally quiet. Plus, the rackmount chassis can house not only one HDX card but also a Mac mini, enabling users to configure a completely self-contained HDX system in a 1U rack space. 

Everything you need in one easy bundle 

Pro Tools is more than just software—it’s a solutionTo that end, Avid is announcing brand new pre-configured and now Thunderbolt 3-enabled Pro Tools, DSP, and I/O solutions.  These bundles bring the industry’s most powerful DSP- accelerated audio production system straight to your desktop or studio rack and include everything you need for a complete Pro Tools | HDX system in an easily connected, cost-effective package. Let’s take a quick look at the bundles:  


Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 HD OMNI    

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 chassis combined with HD OMNI delivers the essentials for music or post-production and is ideal for anyone that need top sound quality in a convenient 1U form factor. Track with two pristine mic preamps and mix and monitor from stereo to 7.1 surround. Route audio independently from Pro Tools or even without turning on your computer with the 14-input persistent monitor mixer. Choose the Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis if you are using a MacBook Pro, iMac, or other Thunderbolt-equipped Windows PC. Or install a Mac Mini alongside HDX in the rackmount chassis and configure a completely self-contained HDX system.

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 MTRX Studio  

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 chassis with MTRX Studio is the ultimate studio centerpiece for either music or audio postproduction environments. Get flexible routing and the ability to monitor 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos. Interface with the Dante network with 64 channels of audio over IP. Streamline your studio and connect all your gear to a single 1U MTRX Studio.  Choose the Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis if you are using a MacBook Pro, iMac, or other Thunderbolt-equipped Windows PC. Or install a Mac Mini alongside HDX in the rackmount chassis and configure a completely self-contained HDX system. 

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 HD OMNI Desktop & Rack-mount Chassis

$7,999 USD MSRP

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 MTRX Studio Desktop & Rack-mount Chassis

$9,999 USD MSRP

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis


Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Rackmount Chassis


Visit Avid.com to read more about the Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 chassis as well as the pre-configured bundles.

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Systems

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What’s New — AvidPlay 2020.1

Since its launch, Avid Link continues to enable creators of all types to connect and collaborate with each other on a global scale, help them to keep their Avid applications up to date easily and efficiently, allow them to find, purchase, and update licensing and installing of Avid and 3rd party products, plug-ins, and services, and expand their creative opportunities.  With steady growth of approximately 2000 users being added each day and more than 370,000 new members in the community, the potential for Avid Link users continues to rise.

AvidPlay, launched in the summer of 2019, is a key, integrated service, embedded within Avid Link, designed to offer music creators a simple and streamlined way to distribute their music to many of the major streaming platforms, worldwide, at an affordable cost.  Users keep 100% of their music rights, and earnings.  AvidPlay also offers more opportunities for users to be discovered in the Avid Link community, via the Lounges, and gives users the ability to manage their releases right from their desktop or mobile device.

Every new year brings new opportunities, and AvidPlay is primed and ready to help enable users with even more choices when it comes to streaming platform options, plans, and ways to share their music with their audience.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the new features and benefits now available in AvidPlay in this new release!


Distribution Service Additions

AvidPlay already connects users with many of the world’s most popular streaming services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and so much more.  With this new release, we’ve added Apple Music and TikTok to the list.  The addition of these two services is a huge win for users who wish to reach the maximum number of listeners and potential new fans across the world.  Apple Music boasts a user base of 60 million customers, all hungry for new music and artists to discover and listen to.  The addition of TikTok, gives users a gateway to more than 500 million active users.  Users just might find their music being used in one of the many hilarious and trending memes and videos the service is best known for.  Remember, AvidPlay users keep 100% of their earnings and rights!


The core tenant of AvidPlay is to allow artists and musicians to share their work with the world.  We’ve made this even easier in this version of AvidPlay, with the addition of the ability to share via social media, in the Releases section.  Once a release is live and distributed, users will now see a “share” icon, underneath each release.  Clicking that icon will automatically generate a URL link that can be copied into the user’s social media site of their choice.  It’s one more way that creators can use AvidPlay to reach their audience in a quick and easy way.

New Plan Choices

AvidPlay has always strived to offer amazing value and affordable plans, made to help users maximize their ability to grow their audience and income, without breaking the bank.  Plans start at just $5 per year, with options for releasing anything from a single track or an entire album.  With this new version of AvidPlay, unlimited releases and lifetime plans have been added for tracks and albums, starting at just $9.99.  Users now have even more choice to find the plan that works for them and more flexibility to upgrade as their fanbase grows.

The release of Avid Link 2020.1, with the additional choices and benefits available to customers in AvidPlay, sets the stage for an exciting year for our customers.  There’s more planned, and we couldn’t be more excited to see and hear what our users will create and share with the world.  If you’re not yet an Avid Link user, there’s no better time to join.  Visit The Avid Link site , or download on your iOS or Android device, and start your journey now!

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

Folder Tracks Coming Soon to Pro Tools 2020

A new year is upon us.  And with the new year brings new opportunities to create and share with others. With that in mind, coming soon, the first Pro Tools update for 2020 will bring one of the most highly requested and anticipated features to the world’s industry-standard DAW. We’re live at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, where Pro Tools 2020 is being previewed to the public for the very first time!  Let’s take a quick look at what the first Pro Tools release in 2020 has in store.


Folder Tracks Is Upon Us

The first Pro Tools update for 2020 brings one of the most highly requested and anticipated features…Folder Tracks!  This feature, along with its many possible workflows is one that positively affects and helps Pro Tools users from all types.  Whether you’re writing, recording, editing, or mixing, efficiency and organization is essential to stay focused on getting your ideas down and sounding their best.  During the process of creation, editing, and mixing, sessions can get quite complicated and difficult to manage, even small track count sessions can become unwieldly, depending on the amount of work being done.  This is where Folder Tracks comes into play.

Folder Tracks allows Pro Tools users the ability to take command of their sessions by organizing tracks into visual, collapsible folders.  This ability creates a more streamlined, organized arrangement on screen, helping to remove the distraction that having to scroll through numerous tracks can bring.  Folder Tracks enhances session management to new heights.

At launch, here are just some of what you’ll be able to do with Folder Tracks in your session:

  • Organize tracks into collapsible folders (up to 8 layers)
  • Drag-and-drop tracks into folders with ease
  • Color-code folders
  • Edit the folder itself, thereby automatically editing the “member” tracks simultaneously
  • Basic Folder Track Functions: include reordering tracks in and out of folders, open/close folders, and propagation of show/hide and active/inactive actions to member tracks.
  • Routing Folder Tracks: allows audio signals to be routed through the folder for stem mix workflows. All Aux track functions, including inserts, sends, and automation are available on Routing Folders. Optionally, selected tracks can be automatically routed when moved into a new Routing Folder.
  • Editing: Edit selections made on folders are propagated to their member tracks, allowing one to easily edit clips across all member tracks. On open folders, all edit commands that are currently available on multi-track selections are allowed; A smaller core set of edit commands are available on closed folders and will allow users to perform many useful edits without having to open folders.
  • Track Presets: Folders with their nested members can be saved and imported as Track Presets, expanding the already powerful feature.
  • Backward Compatibility: When sessions with folders are opened in Pro Tools versions earlier than 2020.R1, Routing Folders turn into AUX tracks, while Basic Folders are simply dropped. Nesting is flattened.


Even just a quick overview of these Folder Track options, it’s easy to see how any Pro Tools user can start utilizing this amazing feature to manage their sessions, increasing efficiency through organization, all in the name of keeping every user in their most creative and focused mode.  There will be an abundance of ways to incorporate Folder Tracks into your workflow.  Here are a couple of basic examples showing how one might incorporate Folder Tracks into their workflow.


Folder Tracks for Music

The simplest, yet most powerful example of using Folder Tracks in a music session is using folders to organize your tracks by type.  For instance, in the example photo below, you’ll see that tracks are organized into folders, based on the track type.  Lead vocal tracks live in the hot pink folder titled “Vox Lead folder”.  You’ll notice that the Track UI is now a bit different, with icons on the bottom left of the track information area, indicating that this is a folder.  Additionally, you’ll notice the UI change above the folder title, as well as the same color around a thin border across the track information and additional track modules (Inserts, Sends, I/O, Real Time Properties, etc…).  This all exists to ensure that you’ll easily be able to distinguish a track from a folder.  Looking into the main edit/arrange area, you’ll notice that a visual representation of all the tracks that exist in the folder.  In the example below, you’ll notice that the green “Horns folder” has 4 separately colored tracks, living in this folder.  Remember, folders can also be saved and recalled as Track Presets!   Elegantly simple, powerful, efficient.  That’s the beauty of Folder Tracks!

Folder Tracks for Audio Post

If you’re in the world of audio post, you stand to reap enormous benefits using Folder Tracks in your sessions.  By their very nature, audio post sessions tend to get large rather quickly.  Using Folder Tracks in Pro Tools | Ultimate, an audio post user can easily build a scene by grouping related tracks together and mange functions such as signal flow, mutes, and sends, all through a routing folder.  Also available in Pro Tools | Ultimate is the ability to navigate a large session easily by consolidating numerous tracks in the mix and edit windows.  Audio post users can organize different types of tracks including scenes, sound design, dialogue, and any other audio elements, logically, according to the user’s desire.

I Want My Folder Tracks!

The addition of Folder Tracks has been the most requested features, across all Pro Tools users, and we are incredibly excited to bring it to Pro Tools 2020.  It’s on preview at NAMM 2020 now, and is coming soon!  2020 will be an exciting year for Avid audio, and we look forward to hearing and seeing how our community utilizes this amazing feature!  Of course, don’t forget to always check your system and OS requirements before installing any new version of software!  Happy new year and check back for more soon!

Empowering Inspired Artists

When inspiration strikes, nothing empowers your creativity like Pro Tools. That’s why top artists, musicians, and audio professionals choose it for everything they do.

Introducing Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

With the continued evolution of digital audio, artists, producers, editors, and creators are enabled to do more than ever.  With this freedom and open floodgate come larger sessions and bigger projects.  However, budgets continue to decline, leaving smaller facilities and independent professionals in a bind.  The need for flexible audio routing, utilization of varying audio inputs and outputs, and the ability to efficiently deliver different mix formats, have all become important pieces to consider, keeping the quality of deliverables high, while maintaining shrinking budgets.


Your studio centerpiece

Enter, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio ($4,999 USD MSRP), the latest addition to the MTRX audio interface family.  Created, in partnership with Digital Audio Denmark, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio combines high-quality I/O, extensive routing possibilities, and extensive monitoring capabilities in a single 1U rackspace. It’s your studio centerpiece, ideal for pro music and audio post facilities and studios of all sizes.  Let’s take a quick look at what this small but powerful single 1U rack-mountable unit is capable of.

Connection Is Key

The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio features ample and flexible connectivity.  Whether you’re connecting analogue or digital signals, the Pro Tools | MTRX Studio makes it easy to connect and consolidate all your outboard gear and desired connections.  18 channels of analogue I/O are ready to accept a wide array of instruments, microphones, speakers, processors, and other outboard devices.  Digital connectivity features DigiLink, 64 channels of Dante, and ADAT, making it easy to combine and simplify your signal chain.

Take full monitor control

In addition to all the audio signal connection possibilities, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio utilizes the DADman control software to assist in routing, creating, and recalling monitor profiles. MTRX Studio also delivers SPQ speaker calibration, built directly into the box—something sold separately for the larger MTRX—so users will be able to recall monitor profiles along with speaker tuning settings.

Power You Can Hear, Power You Can Feel

When the first Pro Tools | MTRX launched, it was quickly lauded for the pristine quality of its converters and incredible imaging.  The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio likewise delivers converters and mic pres designed by DAD. And when paired with a Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native system, ultra-low latency allows musicians and voice over artists to record and capture their performances with complete confidence.


Mix and monitor Dolby Atmos

With its 64 channels of Dante, and 18 channels of analogue I/O, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is ready to tackle immersive sound for audio post and music.  It can monitor up to 7.1.4 and above and can interface with a Dolby Atmos renderer.  Additionally, the inclusion of SPQ speaker calibration ensures that your monitoring space will provide an accurate listening environment for just about any speaker format.

Enter The MTRX

We’ve just scratched the surface of what Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is capable of.  There’s much more to discover about this amazing new addition to the MTRX family. Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is being previewed at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim and will be available soon!  Be sure to check avid.com/mtrx-studio for more information!

Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

Bring creative efficiency to your studio with integrated I/O, monitoring, and routing in one. With Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, you can simplify your signal flow, route any input to any output, get the lowest latency with Pro Tools | HDX, and outfit any room for Dolby Atmos mixing.

What’s New in Pro Tools — October 2019

Since its launch, Pro Tools 2019 continues to empower users to create, record, edit, and mix their work better and faster, with access to more tracks, voices, smoother playback interaction, and new workflows, features, and enhancements. At AES 2019 in New York City, we we previewed the October release of Pro Tools 2019, which is now available. It features some new improvements and functionality, geared primarily for post-production users.  However, many other users will find these additions useful as well.  Let’s have a quick look at what’s new in Pro Tools 2019!


Avid Video Engine Improvements

With this update, Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate now supports 4K/UHD video and higher frame rates. This allows more precise editing to picture, as the video will display as intended on the main timeline, both in terms of resolution and frame rate.  The added benefit of having the ability to set the resolution and framerate independently is a welcome addition for users, providing the ability to work with the many different types of video file types being used in the industry.  Also, it’s important to note that Pro Tools now mirrors Media Composer in its support for high resolution video, allowing engineers to import media directly into Pro Tools without the additional step of transcoding the file format or resolution.  With these video engine improvements enabling users to work with a wider variety of video file types in sessions, the addition of smoother H.264 video playback adds even greater performance and reliability.

Enhanced CoreAudio Support for Dolby Atmos Production Suite

Pro Tools | Ultimate users now have the ability to enable up to 130 CoreAudio channels using the Dolby Audio Bridge.  This is a huge jump from the previous limitation of 32 channels available for Dolby Atmos via CoreAudio, and a huge improvement over the workflow using Send and Return plugins.  This drastically reduces session complexity with routing.  It also helps to eliminate the tedious managing of delay compensation. All of this adds up to time-saving improvements as users can now setup a session created with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite, in Pro Tools | Ultimate, in the exact same way that their session would be setup using the Mastering Suite or Cinema Renderer. Whether you’re using HDX, HD Native, or any CoreAudio audio interface, this is a great addition, increasing efficiency and usability.  HDX users also benefit in the fact the fact that HDX is now fully compatible with the Dolby Audio Bridge, which can be selected and used as a playback device. It is worth noting that when HDX is selected as the output device with the Dolby Audio Bridge, DSP processing is disabled.

Multi-mix WAV Bounce

The ability to bounce multiple stems, interleaved into a single WAV file is another new addition for Pro Tools | Ultimate users.  This time-saving feature reduces the complexity of deliverables for audio post engineers, by streamlining stem selection and rendering workflows, removing the need for using workarounds.

Netflix Post Technology Alliance

While not a feature or workflow, per se, it’s worth mentioning that with this release, Pro Tools joins the Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA). Started in 2018, this alliance is a Netflix-designed program for products that manage and produce sound, image, and/or metadata for post. Products bearing the Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo have been tested to ensure that they meet all of Netflix’s technical and workflow requirements. Avid is proud to participate in the program, supporting all creative users to produce their best work at the highest standards.

With the addition of Pro Tools into the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, Avid is working closely with Netflix to ensure its solutions support technical and workflow requirements today, and into the future.

To learn more about Avid’s involvement in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, read our blog.


Get Updated Today

With so much happening in the world of immersive audio for both post and music, these new features and additions (over 140 stability improvements in this release!) are designed to power greater creators with more access to the tools they need to push the boundaries of their creative output with greater efficiency. If your subscription is current, grab the update via Avid Link or from the products section of your Avid.com account! Don’t forget to check system and OS requirements first! There’s much more to in store for Pro Tools and audio at Avid, so stay tuned!

Make your mark with Pro Tools

Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Be Heard with AvidPlay

The Dream

So many people grow up with the dream of being discovered and becoming music’s next big star.  Or, they simply want their musical creations heard by others.  In the past, there was a pretty specific path and process to achieve this.  You’d record a demo, solicit record labels, and if all went well, get signed.  The record label and management team assigned to you as an artist, would then get to work to help push your music to the desired listening platforms, typically terrestrial radio and music video channels.  If you were one of the fortunate few to have your music featured on either or both of these platforms, life was considered to be pretty good.  Fast forward to the present day, where things have changed quite drastically.  Technology has evolved at an exponential rate and enabled not only creativity itself, but the ability to share those creations in many different ways and on platforms too numerous to keep up with.  Not only are there many options available to showcase your music, but the necessity to “be signed” is no longer a requirement.  Independent artists can now truly reach their audience without a record label, if they so choose.  While this opportunity is a welcome one, the challenges of reaching that audience through these music platforms can be daunting.

At Avid, it’s always been our desire to empower creators, through technology, to tell their stories.  Our tools are synonymous with music creation and production.  Along with that enablement, it’s our vision to also connect our users with each other and with their audience.  That’s the idea behind AvidPlay, a new service introduced here at Avid, which lives inside of Avid Link.

Link Up

In January 2019, we launched Avid Link, the first step in helping anyone in the audio or video industry to connect and collaborate with others.  The idea was to build a creative community, spanning the entire globe, without borders.  Avid Link enables users to also showcase their work for others to hear and enjoy.  If you’ve not yet joined the community, you can grab Avid Link for free here.

Avid Link is where AvidPlay lives. With AvidPlay, you can have your music played across the most popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and many more. You also keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

Let’s Play

Getting setup with AvidPlay is easy and straightforward.  In very little time, you’ll be able to get your music uploaded and available to major streaming platforms.  All you’ll need to do is log into Avid Link, head to the marketplace, and purchase an AvidPlay subscription. Subscriptions start at $4.99/year for a 1 track plan and go up to $19.99/year for 1 album with up to 20 tracks. After that head straight to your Products tab or your Portfolio (inside the Profile tab)—you will be able to access the AvidPlay Dashboard from both of these locations.

Within AvidPlay, you’ll be able to add new music and create a new release, get an overview of all of your release statistics, manage or edit any of your distributions, and collect all of your earnings via PayPal. AvidPlay offers a best-in-class music distribution experience and even automatically splits and sends revenue to any collaborators you add as participants to your tracks. After you send your release worldwide, you’ll be able to see exactly where streams are coming from, what streaming services are performing the best, and which of your tracks are most popular.

AvidPlay is available now. If you want to learn more about how to distribute music through AvidPlay, click here.

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Roland Cloud Virtual Instruments Now Available for Avid Pro Tools AAX!

For decades, Pro Tools owners have been yearning to load up actual Roland instruments and dial in their favorite sounds. Today, that’s now possible.

With just a couple clicks, your Pro Tools session can host a staggering number of enviable Roland gear. Have you had the chance to play with a JUPITER-8, a JUNO-106, and an SH-101 all at once?

Now you can and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As of today, Roland Cloud delivers perfect circuit-precise recreations of dozens of analog and digital instruments in AAX plug-in format. Whether you are looking for the genre-defining TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, the digital dreaminess of the D-50 or JV-1080.

Roland also tells us they will continue to add new features and instruments each month and are committed to delivering the widest array of extremely high-resolution instruments available.

Here is an overview video of what’s inside the Roland Cloud instrument collection followed by a listing the different families of instruments.

LEGENDARY Series is a growing collection of Roland’s most famous synthesizers and drum machines meticulously modeled after the actual product by actual Roland engineers.

Remember these?

Just a few of the analog and digital synths available inside Roland Cloud.

TERA Series features world-class guitar and piano powered by Roland’s next generation sampler: Concerto. This is high resolution at its finest.

FLAVR Series is a growing collection of bite-sized, genre-based soft synths perfect for a quick taste of Deep House, Chip Tune, Disco Funk, and more.

AIRA Series provides all the sonic power and versatility of the acclaimed SYSTEM-1 and SYSTEM-8 synthesizers in an AAX plugin.

ANTHOLOGY Series is a “Roland Remastered” suite of Concerto sampler instruments made from classic sounds from the 80s and 90s.


In sum, Roland’s product offering is pretty enticing and is constantly growing with new sounds and plug-ins to inspire your next production.


How to get it?

You can try Roland Cloud free for 30 days or subscribe for $17.95 per month on an annual plan, or $19.95 month-to-month. Click here to check out the latest Roland Cloud update, featuring AAX support!

Roland synthesizers and drum machines have been an integral and essential part of my music career since day one.  Having these instruments and genre defining sounds, both classic and modern, from the Roland Cloud as AAX virtual instruments, available in Pro Tools is literally a dream come true for me, and so many others.  These instruments will enable so many users to create and realize their musical dreams, in Pro Tools.  I am one of them, and I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on these amazing instruments in Pro Tools!

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Speeding up MIDI Workflows with Pro Tools 12.8.2

Since the introduction of Pro Tools 12 just over two years ago, we started the journey of bringing new features and workflows to you, at a much faster pace than ever before.  With Pro Tools 12.8.2, we are proud to continue on that path.  While the version number screams “dot release”, it’s clear that this is far more than addressing bugs (although that is a part of the release).  This is a release rife with an important slew of MIDI enhancements, guaranteed to further the ease of music creation within the most powerful DAW on the planet.  As Avid’s Principle Product Designer, Connor Sexton puts it,


 “When you’re looking at MIDI in Pro Tools, over the years you couldn’t fault anyone for considering it an afterthought; something we had to do to remain relevant. Of course, when you really get into writing in Pro Tools, you see where there are strengths that set us apart, and you also know that there is a lot of possibility left open. When we looked out across those possible improvements we noticed how many small things could be better and with 12.8.2 we’ve cleaned them up. It’s ground work, and while we have more exciting improvements in the works, we felt we had to really take stock and address the nuances: sustain pedal merging, Notes view behaviors with the grid, working with CCs, interacting with MIDI more with the keyboard and on laptop keyboards in particular, making several basic editing and navigational operations more consistent between MIDI and Audio, and fixing up just a ton of bugs you can see in the release notes. These things are items we culled from Ideascale, our beta program, conversations at trade shows and out in the world. Things that we knew we had to make better first to truly enhance MIDI from the bottom up and make it easier to take bigger next steps without tripping over tiny obstacles.”


This release should make it crystal clear that we take MIDI and music creation in Pro Tools very seriously.  We are setting the stage for even more great enhancements and features, which are creation focused.  But, for now, let’s take a look at just a few of my own personal new favourite MIDI enhancements in Pro Tools 12.8.2.


The Left + Right Arrow Keys

These two keys are now your best friends while navigating notes in either the MIDI editor or Notes view.  You can now use the left and right arrow keys to move to the next or previous MIDI note, respectively.  Previously, the Tab key would advance to the next note.  Chords, or multiple notes, that take place at the same time on the grid/timeline, will be navigated from the lowest note, to the highest note moving forward, and the reverse order, moving back.  Now, you can easily move back and forth using the arrow keys.  Additionally, holding the “Shift” key while using the right arrow, will allow you to select multiple MIDI notes in succession.  Not only will you have the ability to navigate your MIDI notes with ease, you’ll also hear the notes as you navigate, similar to how the “tab” key worked with MIDI previously.  Speaking of “Tab to MIDI”, that function will now move to the next note-on position, without selecting it.  This creates a more cohesive set of functions between the left and right arrow keys, and the “Tab” key. Editing MIDI clips becomes far easier, quicker, and quite frankly, a lot more fun!

Selecting multiple MIDI notes in succession using the Shift + Right Arrow keys

MIDI Input Display

Located in the Edit Window Toolbar, you’ll now see a MIDI Input Display. Using this new display, you’ll be able to see MIDI data, as it’s recorded or played back as chords or notes, using a MIDI controller. Single notes will give you three different pieces of information:  the actual pitch of the note, the attack velocity of the note, and the velocity of the note when it’s been released.  Composers and song writers will find this addition extremely helpful, as it helps them to be faster and more efficient, allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand…creating.  Even if you don’t read music, the MIDI Input Display can be used to “learn” notes and chords as they are entered.  The barrier and fear of trying to figure out which note is what, or “what chord is this?” is removed in an instant with this small, but powerful addition to Pro Tools.

The new MIDI Input Display at work, showing notes and chords

MIDI Record Clips

At Avid, we are sticklers for consistency.  One of our primary goals in Pro Tools, is to have every user feel next to no difference when working with either audio or MIDI.  To bring that even closer to fruition, all MIDI clips are now coloured red, while the MIDI recording is taking place.  Once recording has stopped, the recorded clip will revert back to its default colour.  This enhancement brings visual consistency between how MIDI and audio are expected to look and feel while being recorded.

Recording MIDI clips displays a red clip while recording

While these new enhancements may seem like subtle additions, the efficiency with which you’ll be navigating through MIDI notes, chords, and clips has to be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated.  As a music creator myself, these enhancements have already become an essential part of my writing, editing, and mixing workflow in Pro Tools.  I have only showcased three of the many MIDI enhancements in Pro Tools 12.8.2.  For the full rundown of every single enhancement, please visit this link.  Additionally, make sure to check out the MIDI Enhancements video:

If your Pro Tools subscription is current, head to your account, update to 12.8.2 and get writing!  If you have been waiting to upgrade, or are considering making Pro Tools your DAW of choice, there’s never been a better time to jump in!  Visit avid.com for more information.

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