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  • Frank Morrone, Technicolor Toronto

    Pro Mixing: Inside the World of Emmy-Winning Re-Recording Mixer Frank Morrone at Technicolor Toronto

    Consumers today expect and demand a theatrical experience from modern TV shows. Read how media industry leader Frank Morrone delivers…

  • Avid S6 Price Configurator

    Customize Your Own Modular Control Surface with the new Avid S6 ‘Configurator’

    This interactive configurator is really an easy and fun tool to play with the modularity and layout aspect of the…

  • Behind-the-Scenes with the 'Gravity' Sound Design Team

    Behind the Scenes with the ‘Gravity’ Sound Design Team

    Director Alfonso Cuarón wanted to leverage sound design to create an immersive experience for moviegoers—how did Avid help the sound…

  • Multi-Platinum and GRAMMY® Winning Mixer Mick Guzauski on Avid S6 Control Surface

    Multi-Platinum and GRAMMY® Winning Mixer Mick Guzauski on Avid S6

    Mick is a mixing guru. He has mixed some of my favorite tracks and those mixes have stood the test…

  • Mixing Gravity with Skip Lievsay

    Mixing ‘Gravity’ with Skip Lievsay is an Out-of-this-World Experience

    We talked recently with ‘True Grit’ re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay about his latest film mix, ‘Gravity’. Skip creates incredibly compelling…

  • WEBINAR: Avid S6 Control Surface—Mixing Redefined

    Register for the webinar today and explore how Avid S6 control surface can redefine your pro mixing workflow.

  • Avid S6 Professional Sound Mixing

    Unveiling S6—The Next-Generation Professional Sound Mixing Solution

    Before designing what would become S6, we wanted to thoroughly understand our customers’ professional sound mixing challenges and needs. Here’s…