AudioLab-Lb Extends Live Audio Capabilities with Avid VENUE | S6L

AudioLab-Lb is a relatively new sound production and rental company in Lebanon, but in just a couple of years it has grown to become one of the country’s biggest and most successful audio businesses.

The company was founded by Imad Mrad, who is well known and respected as one of the best live and broadcast sound engineers not just in Lebanon but across the entire Middle East region. He was Head of Sound at the leading Middle East media production house Studiovision for nearly 14 years, working on big live TV shows including the Middle East editions of Taratata, Dancing with the Stars and X Factor among others. Imad is also the sound engineer for Rotana, which produces concerts across the Gulf region for well-known Arabic singers and bands including Mohamed Abdo, Rabeh Sakr, Rashed al Majid, Hussein al Jassmi, Wael Kfouri, Kazem Al Saher, Najwa Karam and Assi Al Hallani.

As a user of Avid audio equipment for more than 10 years, Imad recently purchased two Avid VENUE | S6L live mixing systems from Litewaves, Avid’s audio reseller in Lebanon.

“We only use Avid equipment at AudioLab-lb. We have an Avid VENUE | SC48 and an Avid VENUE | Profile which are still very busy, but as we continue to grow we need additional equipment – and of course we want to stay up to date with the latest technology,” he says. “The S6L is the best choice on the market. The sound quality is absolutely superb, unbeatable. It’s an easy and fast console to work with. It also has good studio plug-ins – and added to Avid’s plug-ins, we have a lot of choices without needing any external hardware or software for that. The dynamics and pre-amps are also very good.”

Imad finds the system intuitive and easy to use. “The whole team was already very familiar with the Avid VENUE system so it was simple to get going straight away,” he says. “The S6L communicates easily with Avid Pro Tools, which is important as we often need to record concerts on multitrack directly into Pro Tools. I also find the Spill function very handy because you can choose whatever channels you want in your bay and have them all in front of you. I like to work with several screens, and it’s easy to set this up so you can go directly to EQ or the fader on the screen – it’s all right there.”

AudioLab-lb’s S6L first console – the largest of its kind in Lebanon, with two Stage 64 boxes giving 128 inputs and 64 outs – was installed in July 2017 and was busy from day one on a variety of broadcast and live projects.

It proved its worth very quickly, on a live concert with a very short set-up time and almost no rehearsal, thanks to one of S6L’s software features.

“The Virtual Soundcheck function meant that we could get a head-start on the mix from our offices, then once we got to the venue we only needed around 15 minutes with the band. Without this function – which worked perfectly and smoothly in just one click – we would have faced a lot of problems. I would certainly say that the S6L saved the day.”

—Imad Mrad, AudioLab-Lb

The success of the console led swiftly to the purchase of the second S6L in December 2017, which looks set to be kept just as busy as the first.

Discover VENUE | S6L

The next stage in live sound is here—with the award-winning VENUE | S6L system, you can take on the world’s most demanding productions with ease.

Avid Shared Storage Optimized for Real-Time Audio Production

Avid NEXIS® and Avid NEXIS | PRO® are software-defined storage solutions that have been optimized for Pro Tools®, Avid Media Composer® and most other leading third-party creative tools. They are a scalable, high-performance platform with a host of collaborative features that enable creative teams to work together on projects, whatever the track count, to make more content, faster than ever before.

When it comes to collaboration, the ability to provision on the fly is a huge bonus. It’s quick and easy to set workspace sizes, bandwidth and access privileges to ensure that you are always on top of schedules ready to deliver content in response to continuous demand.

As well as optimizing shared storage for collaborative work, we’re also in the unique position of being able to optimize the application for shared storage! Pro Tools 12.8 has been tweaked for Avid shared storage enabling users to stream 256 tracks or more, and attach up to 12 Pro Tools systems to a single Avid storage system.

Here are five great reasons why Avid NEXIS | PRO is a great investment for any audio production studio.


  1. Avid-Certified Performance
    Get 256 or more tracks of Pro Tools HD® playback per user (up to 12 users).
  2. Collaborate Across Work Spaces
    Gain multi-room access to projects in up to 1,024 workspaces by centralizing audio file storage,. Resize capacity on the fly, and set bandwidth per user, or per device.
  3. Scale as Your Business Grows
    Connect up to four engines for maximum capacity. Quadruple your bandwidth and enable more clients to complete more projects faster.
  4. Rigorously Tested
    Rely on the most rigorously tested workflow, performance, scalability, and interoperability in the industry.
  5. Minimal Downtime
    Count on easy and fast maintenance with flexible media protection, field-replaceable storage controllers, redundant system drives and power supplies.


Find out more about Avid Shared Storage for Audio Production.


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.

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Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure Upgrades with VENUE | S6L

One of Spain’s most important theaters, Teatre Lliure hosts theatrical, music and dance performances throughout the year—including many original productions. Featuring multiple halls and ingenious manipulation of scene and staging elements, the prestigious theater recently installed a new VENUE | S6L live sound system to support its diverse performances. In this video, the theater’s head of sound, Igor Pinto, discusses why the theater chose S6L for the upgrade and shares his impressions of the new system.

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The next stage in live sound is here—with the award-winning VENUE | S6L system, you can take on the world’s most demanding productions with ease.


The Audio Immersion Tour Kicks off This Summer Hitting Europe, Africa and India

Calling all Pro Tools users – it’s nearly time to put the Panner plug-in aside! At April’s NAB Show, we announced native Dolby Atmos® mixing across the Pro Tools | HD ecosystem and now you can come and see the integration for yourself.

We’re hosting exclusive events across Europe, Africa and India from May until the end of the year, allowing our preeminent customer community to see the industry’s deepest integration and most efficient audio mixing workflows for themselves.

Featuring a comprehensive suite of Dolby Atmos workflows, the new Pro Tools gives audio post professionals the gift of working more fluidly in the multi-channel and object-based audio format.

Join us in a city near you to get hands-on with brand new features and learn how to:


• Work with a variety of Dolby Atmos speaker configurations, with support for 7.1.2 & 7.0.2 stem formats

• Make mixing decisions on the fly from your Pro Tools mixer with 3D object routing and panning

• Punch in audio and Atmos automation while rerecording

• Dolby Atmos workflow integration in Pro Tools | S6 delivers the most affordable console for mixing the most immersive audio format

• Monitor and route hundreds of audio inputs and outputs through Pro Tools | MTRX when mixing any large-scale immersive audio format

• Re-purpose content faster with support for ADM BWAV files with embedded print master metadata

• Connect Pro Tools to either a Theatrical or Home hardware RMU, or to the new Mac based “Dolby Atmos Renderer”

We’re visiting cities all over the region, so make sure you’re one of the first to experience the most efficient immersive audio mixing workflows of any DAW in the industry.

We hope you can join us at one of the following dates:




May 31

Mumbai, India


June 6 & 7

London, England


June 8

Chennai, India


June 15

Madrid, Spain


June 20

Espoo, Finland


June 22

Prague, Czech Republic


July 12

Moscow, Russia


July 19-20

Johannesburg, South Africa


July 27

Sofia, Bulgaria



To attend any of the above dates, please register now! Space is limited at each event so please register early.

Avid Pro Tools | S6

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Giles Martin on Working with Paul McCartney

As the son of Beatles’ producer, and ‘fifth member’, Sir George Martin, you’d have thought that working with arguably the most famous member of the band wouldn’t have phased Giles Martin, but you’d be surprised.

After the years working with his father producing the most famous band in history, he also worked on Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison documentary All Things Must Pass to critical acclaim. Martin was originally invited to work with Paul on the soundtrack for a video game, Destiny. At the same time as Martin was tinkering on the decks at Avatar Studios in New York creating the game soundtrack, McCartney was starting to record the new album and Martin was called into action.

Whilst discussing how he used Avid Pro Tools and the S6 console to produce Paul McCartney’s 2013 album, New, Martin explained what working with a megastar like McCartney was really like.

“Working with Paul for the first time, was surreal. I’ve worked with many artists, including Kate Bush and Elvis Costello, but he was the one artist that made me feel less like my father’s son than anyone else! For me to produce Paul was mind-blowing. He’s known me since I was two years old, and I’ve been there in the background the whole time, so why should he listen to me and care what I think? But one word of advice – you don’t say no to Paul!”

“With Paul you can do anything, you have that luxury. He fills the studios with every sound you can think of – glockenspiel, piano, drum kits, basses – he can play everything. Paul likes being produced, he likes people to say things, and he likes to think about his playing rather than producing.”

Click here to watch more interviews with Giles Martin on his illustrious career continuing The Beatles’ legacy.

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Avid at PALM Expo India 2017—Turning up Creative Possibilities

Avid is bringing the latest in audio technology to PALM Expo 2017, India’s leading live sound, lighting, and music production show. From June 1 – 3, visitors can get hands-on experience with our industry-leading audio innovations at Hall 1 booth F39, where we are exhibiting with our regional partner Ansata Computer Systems.

On the booth, visitors will experience how Avid’s Pro Tools® | S6 modular control surface, Pro Tools | MTRX interface and Pro Tools | HDX work together to deliver the pinnacle of audio recording, editing and mixing. The revolutionary Pro Tools | S6 modular control surface provides superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control, using the best of the industry-leading ICON and System 5 product families. With the versatile Pro Tools | MTRX audio interface, it’s the perfect companion for any live sound project with extensive monitoring and routing facilities. Attendees will see this in action, all powered by Pro Tools | HDX, the most creative, and efficient DAW with Pro Tools | HD™ software at its core to deliver work in the highest sound quality possible.

You can book here to get an S6 demo.

Visitors to booth F39 will also find out why tours, installations, and leading sound companies around the world are embracing the new Avid VENUE™ flagship system, the Avid VENUE | S6L. Avid’s S6L delivers unrelenting performance and reliability for live sound through its advanced engine design and backs it up with highly efficient touchscreen workflows and easy scalability to meet even the most demanding live productions. Book a demo here. The Avid VENUE | S3L-X will also be on display, delivering all the power and efficiency of VENUE in an ultra-compact system, and the Avid VENUE | SC48 all-in-one live sound console.

In addition, we will be showcasing the forthcoming version of Avid Pro Tools®, the leading professional digital audio workstation. Through a collaboration between Avid and Dolby, Pro Tools will now offer native Dolby Atmos® mixing and will streamline complex workflows and facilitate the most fluid, efficient audio mixing for the leading immersive audio format.

Pro Tools delivers the most integrated end-to-end workflow in the industry. On the booth, visitors will see how Pro Tools enables audio post professionals to work more fluidly in the multi-channel and object-based audio format. New features will also include built-in Dolby Atmos panning, deep Avid pro mixing control surface integration, advanced automation with the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU), and more.

Visit the Avid booth at F39 to discover more about our latest groundbreaking innovations.

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Avid VENUE | S6L

The next stage in live sound is here—with the award-winning VENUE | S6L system, you can take on the world’s most demanding productions with ease.


Giles Martin on ‘The Beatles: Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years’

Working with renowned director Ron Howard, Giles Martin harnessed the power of Pro Tools to bring to life the audio for the Grammy-award winning documentary movie, ‘The Beatles: Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years’.

The movie, which was honoured with the award for ‘Best Music Film’ at this year’s Grammy Awards, captures the exhilarating kick of ‘Beatlemania’ as the band toured 15 countries between 1963 and 1966.

Giles Martin, alongside Abbey Road’s James Clarke and previous Grammy award winner, Sam Okell, utilized Avid’s pioneering audio technology at Abbey Road studios to manipulate original recordings to create and mix the film’s audio and soundtrack. This included the arduous task of removing the audience screams from the master recordings of a number of seminal live performances, and working with Howard closely culminating in a legendary cohesive narrative.

“When I met Ron Howard for the first time here at Abbey Road, he asked “What do you think we should do with this film?” For me, it was about getting every fan, young or old, a ticket to a Beatles show, and so I said to him “I want to know what it’s like to see the Beatles play live”. Luckily he agreed, and said “Great! That’s exactly what I want to do!”

Created entirely of archived concert footage and fan-sourced clips, Eight Days a Week offers an inside glance into some exclusive and career defining moments across the band’s illustrious career, including the chance to hear the very first time the Beatles were played over U.S. radio on December 17th, 1963, the band’s hysteria-making American television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, and Lennon’s controversial remark that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus!”

Click here to watch more interviews with Giles Martin on his illustrious career continuing The Beatles’ legacy.

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Building a Global News Network – Inside look at the Al Jazeera Newsroom Transformation

Al Jazeera is among the largest news organizations with over 70 bureaus around the world and around 4000 employees. Aside from gathering news in an ever-changing and often volatile world, its biggest challenge over the past few years has been to connect all those bureaus and be the first to break stories for its multi-lingual audiences.

Three years ago, Al Jazeera embarked on an ambitious transformation project to unify all their newsrooms, in partnership with Avid.


Watch the video to see:

• How they were able to implement a new, unique and efficient approach to broadcasting news, leveraging the power of the Avid MediaCentral platform

• The next stage of their journey, working with Avid and Microsoft to develop and test pioneering cloud-based newsroom workflows that will help lead the wider industry forward

Tell the Whole Story

Avid’s end-to-end newsroom and news production solutions deliver the ultimate in efficiency, and enable you to break stories faster. Avid has your story covered.



Giles Martin on Remixing The Beatles

Utilizing the power of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, and in particular Avid Pro Tools, Giles Martin has written, produced and mixed music projects that take us into ‘Beatlemania’, including high-definition mixes for the DVD compilation Beatles ‘1+’ and preparing the Beatles’ catalog for streaming and restoration, and remastering audio files from early Beatles concerts for the recent Ron Howard documentary about the band’s touring years.

“I’ve had the privilege of overseeing the remixes of classic Beatles tracks for over 10 years now. Still today, it’s thrilling to get inside and hear the original recordings, hearing the quirks of isolated vocal and instrumental tracks, and how it was all recorded on tape,” he said.

When discussing how Avid was pivotal in the remastering of 1’s and 1+’s, the expanded Beatles compilation album, Martin explains, “I always try to respect the original mixes of these much loved songs, despite reworking the entire structure of the music, I never want to feel as though I’m changing the essence of these classics. When I mix, there really are no rules, and if there was, I’d probably ignore them – it’s all about feeling!”

Thinking about how kit and consoles are the ultimate foundations of the studio, Giles Martin explains, “Recording and mixing music is like a palette of colors. I mix at Abbey Road in London, and we have way more colors than most other painters – including vintage microphones and heritage consoles. When I’m remixing the catalog of songs, we use the old heritage desks combined with the power of the new and modern Avid Pro Tools | S6. In my book, all pathways in music production lead to wonderful sounds coming out of speakers.”

Click here to watch more interviews with Giles Martin on his illustrious career continuing The Beatles’ legacy.

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Giles Martin on creating Cirque du Soleil’s Love — Las Vegas

Back in the early 2000’s, a Cirque du Soleil and Beatles spectacle was born out of the idea to create new dance remixes of the old songs, with Fatboy Slim rumored to steer the course of the project. Giles Martin suggested an alternative approach to create mashups of the band’s most beloved songs as a vibrant, psychedelic soundtrack for a Las Vegas stage show, in what would be, in Martin’s words, “the gig that never happened.”

Commanding the most famous catalog of music in history, Martin spent three months working on his mixes before the project even got the green light. Martin said it felt as if he was “painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa!” He explained, “I thought, oh my god, I’m going to get lynched for this!’ But the risk paid off, and Cirque du Soleil’s Love has been seen by an estimated 8 million people in over 4,500 performances since its debut in Las Vegas in 2006, and still remains one of Cirque du Soleil’s most popular productions.

Performed in a purpose-built theater in The Mirage Hotel & Casino with over 7000 speakers, Avid Pro Tools is used nightly to bring the electrifying show to life. Cirque du Soleil’s performers enact a wonderful display of incredible acrobatic feats to the accompanying soundtrack of a combination of the most loved Beatles songs in history, from I Want to Hold Your Hand and Help! through to Something and Get Back.

In 2007, Martin won two Grammy awards for the Love soundtrack album and as it celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, the show was given a ‘loving’ makeover. This saw an overhaul of the theatre’s audio-visual technology and new imagery from the Beatles’ film and video archive. Martin used Avid Pro Tools to remix and spruce up the songs and set list, injecting some new rock’n’roll energy into the already much loved performance.

Thinking about how Avid was a pivotal part of the creation process, he laments, “People don’t realize that I learnt Pro Tools so I could do Love. It’s one of those privileges that I’ve had in that way – I’ve been able to be involved in the creation of the mix as well as how people listen to it. But the show really is a different beast to mixing ones for example.”

Click here to watch more interviews with Giles Martin on his illustrious career continuing The Beatles’ legacy.

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