Avid Audio Specialist and Music Producer Greg “Stryke” Chin Spins Cloud Collaboration on Pensado’s Place

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When aspiring audio professionals and established producers alike want a glimpse into the latest tools and trends of music production, they visit Pensado’s Place – a popular weekly web series that’s covered the evolution of the audio and music landscape for over half a decade. Hosted by Grammy-winning audio engineer Dave Pensado and veteran manager/executive producer Herb Trawick, the show runs in over 150 countries and is comprised of industry interviews and product-centric programming. This unique mix of creative artistry and technology-focused learning has long been championed by Avid, who has been a sponsor of Pensado’s Place for years, and shares their dedication to empowering music makers, producers and engineers around the world; so, when Avid Audio Product Specialist Greg “Stryke” Chin, was recently invited to be the show’s featured guest, Chin jumped at the chance.

“It was a real honor to be asked on to Pensado’s Place,” says Chin, who is also a full-time music producer and Miami-based DJ. “Not only has Dave personally supported my work as a musician, for which I am so grateful, but he’s also developed a powerful following of enthusiastic viewers that want to learn about audio music production – and Avid really is the industry leader in that space. Having a dedicated platform to share the latest and greatest developments from Avid with his viewers was a great fit.”

Trawick echoed the sentiment, “Avid and Pensado’s Place have been virtually synonymous for the duration of our show, and Greg Chin is just an awesome talent (to feature)…from his chops as a musical artist to an expert trainer of all things Avid, Pensado’s Place is a huge fan.”

Chin filmed two segments on the show, one which focused on his journey as an artist in tandem with Avid (“I was an Avid fanatic as a user even before I ever became an Avid educator,” says Chin), and the second, Into the Lair, which focuses on technical products, platforms or features. For Chin, this meant spending time on not only the latest Pro Tools updates, but diving into one of Avid’s most recent groundbreaking innovations – Cloud Collaboration, a platform that “allows artists and audio professionals to compose, record, edit and mix projects from anywhere in the world.”. According to Pensado himself, this is a real game-changer.


“Cloud Collaboration is one of the most powerful creative tools the musical community has ever had.  (With this tool) I can put a project on the Cloud and work at my studio, continue easily at home, hop on a plane to pick up where I left off, and then have a friend who has that piece of gear you wish you owned run a track through it.  All this seamlessly and quickly.”

Cloud Collaboration, which runs free with Pro Tools 12.7, will allow users to create cloud-based projects and invite others to collaborate; work in near real-time or offline; share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, and mix changes; and communicate with collaborators through text chat. This new version of Pro Tools itself is equally robust, with a strong focus on music creation, and introducing Soundbase, a powerful sample browser that makes it easy to browse, search, audition, explore and experiment with loops, samples, and sound effects from nearly any sound library; as well as being equipped with a 2 GB high-quality loop library from Loopmasters, to spice up your mix and give it that sonic edge.

To further underscore Avid’s emphasis on the music profession, Avid has teamed up with Pensado’s Place and iZotope to put together an exciting New Year’s giveaway – featuring four weeks of four prize packages awarded to four lucky winners and culminating in a grand prize of Avid Pro Tools | Duet and the iZotope Music Production Bundle 2. The promotion, valued upwards of $3,800, kicks off the week of January 18th and runs through February 5th, with winners announced weekly on Pensado’s Place. Attendees of NAMM 2017 (January 19-22, Anaheim, CA), can also view three live tapings of the show, where Herb and Dave will be interviewing top-level guests right from Avid’s booth. The airing of these episodes will coincide with the giveaway.

“This renewed focus on music creation is really exciting to me, not just as an Avid educator, but as a musician, producer and DJ myself,” says Chin, who sites Cloud Collaboration and Pro Tools 12.7 as just two examples of Avid’s dedication to creating cutting-edge technology that marries the creative needs of its users. “We have a very diverse customer base, from music producers to mixers; emerging talent to top-tier professionals,” Chin goes on to say. “But what doesn’t change is our commitment to serving all of them, equally. At Avid, we’re always searching for better ways to keep artists engaged…to provide smart, efficient technology that supports their creative vision.”

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