Avid Connect 2016: Free Avid Recertification and Career Advice for Students and Educators Alike

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Is this you?

College classes are coming to an end, your time as a student will soon be over (say it isn’t so!?), and you’ll graduate this spring with aspirations to work in the media industry. So, what’s next? It’s time to get your career started.

Or is this you?

Students rely on you to teach them about working in the media industry, you spend hours training the next generation of aspiring artists on Avid’s DAW and NLE, and you’re in need of a re-fresh on Avid’s latest audio and video solutions. So, what next? Upgrade your Avid Certified Instructor status.


In both of these scenarios, your first step is to attend Avid Connect 2016 at the Wynn in Las Vegas, April 16 – 17. You’ll not only strengthen your craft, meet and collaborate with leading experts, and make lasting relationships with peers, but you’ll also get industry insight and inspiration from professionals working in the media field.

With an entire track of sessions geared toward the next generation of audio and video professionals and those helping them get their careers started, Avid Connect 2016 will be an invaluable experience for students and educators.

Join pros from Inside the Edit, Seed & Spark, TrailBlazer Studios, PostWorks, and various educational institutions for sessions that include:

− Secrets of the Craft
− Crowd Funding to Build Independence
− Making it in Music
− Advice for Independent Producers
− Careers in Audio for Gaming
− Cloud Collaboration for Educators

See the complete list of breakout sessions: click here

It gets better. By attending Avid Connect, you have FREE access to Avid Recertification tracks for Pro Tools and Media Composer—certification that is recognized by the industry globally as proof of expertise, giving you the advantage you need to get the work you want.  This offer extends to current or recently graduated students, educators, and aspiring pros who need to recertify their Avid certification status. Did I mention the tracks are free?

For those interested in the Avid Recertification Tracks, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s offered:

You can upgrade your Avid Certified User, Avid Certified Operator, or Avid Certified Instructor status to the latest version of Pro Tools or Media Composer in one of these two tracks:

Media Composer MC100: Update Your Avid Video Knowledge and Certification

Saturday, April 16th, 4:00pm –6:00pm at Wynn Las Vegas.

Understand the recent Media Composer updates and take the latest Media Composer Recertification exam, opening the door to unmatched creative and career opportunities with Avid’s industry-recognized Media Composer certification. By upgrading your certification to Media Composer 8.4, you will join a community of video editors who have mastered the core skills, workflows and concepts of non-linear editing with Avid Media Composer.

Pro Tools PT100 & PT200: Update Your Audio Audio Knowledge and Certification

Saturday, April 16th, 3:45pm –6:00pm at Wynn Las Vegas.

Understand the recent Pro Tools updates and take the latest Recertification exam to upgrade your status to Pro Tools 12.  Avid Certification on Pro Tools is recognized by the audio industry as demonstration that you have a firm grasp of the core concepts and workflows, as well as the proven skills in digital audio production, expanding the range of career opportunities open to you.  This class will cover the updated content for both the Pro Tools PT100 and PT200 certifications, followed by the current exam.

Join us at Avid Connect 2016!

Be there to experience the future in motion, April 15 – 17, 2016 at the Wynn Las Vegas.

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