Avid to Connect with Alliance Partners at Post-NAMM Conference

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After most of us head home from Anaheim at the close of the NAMM show, the Avid Team will meet with a group of our most active and engaged audio developers at our annual Alliance Partner Conference.  This is a free, full-day session for registered developers that offers an inside look at Avid audio strategy, provides essential technical and marketing tutorial and sets the tone for our cooperation in 2017. The Alliance Partner Conference features an audio product roadmap overview, updates on related Toolkits for audio developers, practical workshops that show developers how to participate in Avid Marketplace, and special sessions with expert guidance on plug-in testing, in-app purchase readiness, developing for Avid consoles and surfaces, leveraging Avid’s powerful social media engine and developing for accessibility. Just as importantly, the event is a forum for interactive Q & A and for open and honest feedback from the people and companies that are using Avid Toolkits and services to grow their businesses.

The event offers  a rare chance to connect developers with leaders from the audio product team, engineering and marketing.  We’re grateful to Pace Anti-Piracy for their generous sponsorship of the event and the overview they will provide on software protection and license management, and for a presentation by Slau Halatyn and Mike Lockett, two blind audio engineers who rely on Pro Tools every day  to power their professional studios.

Slau Halatyn

“We’re really excited to be part of the AVID developer conference this year,” Justin Webster told us, as he gets ready for his trip to NAMM from New Zealand. “With so many developers in one place, it’s an invaluable opportunity to network, learn, and have a say in the future of the Pro Tools platform.”  Justin adds, “It’s pretty unusual that we plugin developers ever cross paths in the real world, so to have 60 designers, coders and engineers in one room is pretty exciting.”

The Avid Alliance Partner Program is our full range of resources designed to help developers and their organizations connect their AAX plug-ins and other solutions to the Avid MediaCentral platform.  Anyone can join the program and evaluate our large and growing range of Toolkits, then become certified and partner with Avid to market and sell their plug-ins via Avid Marketplace via in-app purchase.

With established and new Alliance Partners working on the best solutions available for audio production, this expert gathering provides invaluable feedback and input that helps to set development priorities and shape these strategic programs.  Avid is ever-grateful for the extra time that our audio Alliance Partners take after the demanding NAMM show to connect with us.  From brand new companies to a few that are well into their second decade of operation, and from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Paris, the Alliance Partner Conference is a fountainhead of input, is packed with up-to-date technical and marketing information, and is a blast to offer once again.

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Heading to the 2017 NAMM Show? Join Avid at the industry’s biggest event January 19-22 at Booth 6400 in Hall A.


As Director, Partnering Programs at Avid, Ed Gray and his team deliver technical and marketing programs that connect Avid Customers with the best partner products for media creation in the world.