Avid Delivers Enhanced Web Stores for Music Publishers with Sibelius | Cloud Publishing Update

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Sibelius | Cloud Publishing

Sibelius | Cloud Publishing makes it easier than ever for music publishers to offer an enhanced online experience for customers, and revolutionizes the way sheet music scores are sold online. With a Sibelius | Cloud Publishing-enabled site, music publishers can provide their customers a way to view, play, print, and purchase scores using any current web browser or mobile device, including Android, iOS, and Linux.

Sheetmusicdirect.com was one of the first digital sheet music publishers to implement Sibelius | Cloud Publishing technology on their store. The score player for ‘Sam Smith: Writing’s on the wall’  embedded below, from the Sheetmusicdirect.com store, includes the new transpose feature available in the latest version of Sibelius | Cloud Publishing – click on the note icon at the top of the score to transpose.

Launched earlier in 2015 the new technology is closely tied to Sibelius, the world’s #1 notation application from Avid. Publishers simply take their library of Sibelius scores and PDF files and embed code in the store page that connects with the Avid Sibelius | Cloud Publishing servers. With a Sibelius score file as the source, the service generates a viewer that shows the score and provides controls for playback, transposition and printing. When a customer ‘plays’ the score to audition it, the audio file is streamed to the customer so they can actually hear what the score will sound like, making it easier to decide if the score is suitable for their needs.

Sibelius | Cloud Publishing player as it appears on the Sheetmusicdirect.com web store

The latest version 1.3 of Sibelius | Cloud Publishing, released in October 2015, includes a feature allowing the customer to transpose the score up and down three semitones, listen to the transposition, and then purchase and print out the transposed score.

Avid has also streamlined the application process, making it easier for publishers to sign up, plan and implement the workflow into their site with new and improved API documentation in a dedicated Sibelius | Cloud Publishing portal. To find out more about the service,  the API, how much it costs and more, get in touch.



New Transpose feature allows the customer to transpose and listen to the score up to three semitones up or down

Sibelius Distribution Technologies

Sibelius | Cloud Publishing is a distribution technology that integrates with Sibelius, allowing composers to provide Sibelius files to publishers for simple and accurate publishing using the new technology.

Avid Scorch, the $1.99 iPad app available from the Apple App Store, is another example of the way Sibelius composers can distribute their scores online. Scorch is your ticket into a huge online community of sheet music providers and enthusiasts. Browse and purchase everything from chart-toppers to classics right within the application—and enjoy the simplicity and security of using your existing iTunes account. You can also publish your Sibelius and Sibelius First scores and sell them to others.

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