Avid Learning Partner Newsletter — February 2017

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Welcome! The Avid Learning Partner Newsletter is designed to provide you with all the latest news and information on Avid training and certification, as well as the latest special offers available from Avid.

Each edition of the ALP Newsletter will feature new and forthcoming course and certification releases, details on updates to the course curriculums, local regional news and information, as well as the latest offers available to ALPs to enable you to be successful at delivering training and certification to your students and customers.

We welcome all comments and feedback on the newsletter, in particular what you would like to see included in future editions. Please send your feedback to your Regional ALP Manager, or directly to myself via simon.maskrey@avid.com.

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Avid’s CEO extols importance of the ALP program

The growth, development and value of the Avid Learning Partner program was highlighted at the recent NAMM 2017 show in Anaheim, California.

“Today’s competitive job market increasingly requires fluency in digital media, and the Avid Learning Partner program is specifically designed to help educators implement curriculum that prepares students for proficiency in media creation, production and distribution,” said Avid Chairman and CEO, Louis Hernandez, Jr.

“The Avid MediaCentral® Platform is the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, and is uniquely suited to help students learn the advanced workflows of enterprise-level media industries. We’ve seen unprecedented investments and expanding engagement with academic institutions at the high school and university levels.”

Read more about how Educators are choosing Avid to build solid foundations for their students media careers.

Pro Tools 12.6  license updates now available

We are happy to announce that we are now able to deliver Pro Tools v12.6 and above timed updates to Learning Partners. There are a few things that we need to let you know about these new bundles so please read on….

With the changes to the licensing that has happened with version 12.6 this also changes the way the bundles will now be delivered to you. ALP timed software updates for Pro Tools v12.6 and above will now be delivered as Redemption Codes to partners. This has the advantage that the software installers will be put right into your designated Avid Master Account and you will receive all of the current Avid Plug-ins in these bundles.

One other benefit is that the bundles come with PT Cloud Collaboration included in them, which will also get added to your Avid Master Account when you redeem a code.

The two bundles are:

For 100 level partners: “Pro Tools Everything” plug-in bundle and “Pro Tools Subscription bundle”

For 200 & 300 level partners: “Pro Tools HD Everything” plug-in bundle and “Pro Tools HD Subscription Bundle”

Please be aware that these bundles will only work with Pro Tools v12.6.0 and above. If you need v12.5, v11 or v10 bundles then we are still able to supply these to you in the normal way by delivering them directly into your iLok account as before.

The ALP PT Redemption Code Guide Jan 2017, will take you through the process step by step on how to redeem one of these new codes.

You will need an Avid Master account, plus  an iLok Account linked to that Master Account. If you have multiple iLok accounts then you will need multiple Avid Master Accounts. You will be able to redeem multiple codes within one Avid Master Account if you have multiple iLok’s registered to that one linked iLok Account, but there is only provision to redeem one code at a time. Sadly there is no mass redemption tool currently available.

These new PT12.6 bundles will expire after 365 days, so set your alarms to check back with us before they actually expire so we can get you the next version of the bundles. Please note that although these bundles have a subscription license within them they cannot be transferred to a regular Annual or Monthly subscription plan because they are an NFR (Not for Resale) license and are not transferrable.

To apply for either Pro Tools 12.6 and above or Pro Tools 10-v12.5 bundles please us the click  ALP License Request Form 2017

If you have any questions on these new bundles then please contact your Regional ALP Manager.

Avid & Sonnox collaborate to create Elite Plug-ins course & certification

Avid Education and Sonnox have come together to develop the Sonnox Elite Plug-ins Fundamentals (SO110) course and supporting certification for the Sonnox Elite Plug-ins Collection.

Becoming an Avid Certified User for Sonnox Elite verifies that an individual possess a fundamental understanding of and the capability to use Sonnox plug-ins, together with a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows and concepts of audio processing on the Pro Tools system.

The Sonnox Elite Plug-ins Fundamentals (SO110) course, available as of now, introduces an in-depth look into the most popular plug-ins from Sonnox, giving the highest level of technical insight required to competently use all seven plug-ins in the collection.

The course covers Sonnox Elite Plug-ins concepts and techniques, aimed at helping the user to become proficient with Sonnox plug-in software. Students learn to adjust the plug-ins, designed for commercial purposes and improve the results of their recording, editing, and mixing efforts. The hands-on exercises provide experience setting up plug-ins, working with Pro Tools sessions typically for music and post-production applications.

This course provides the training required to prepare for the Avid Certified User: Sonnox Elite certification exam. Find out more

Save over $400 attending Avid Connect 2017!

Avid Connect 2017: April 22nd – 23rd | Wynn, Las Vegas

Avid Connect is the greatest gathering of media professions in the world. It’s where you will experience the cutting-edge of the industry and be a part of something bigger. Test new ideas, strengthen skills, meet industry leaders and network with collaborators from across the breadth of the media industry.

Use the power and the knowledge gained from your participation to expand the possibilities of being an Avid Learning Partner for your students and your organisation.

To enable you to take advantage of the experience and value Avid Connect offers we are providing an exclusive offer for ALPs.


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Avid Connect 2017, where media professionals come together and expand the possibilities.

Media Composer v8.6 Curriculum Update

In August of last year Avid Education released an all-new curriculum for Media Composer v8.6.  If you are a Media Composer ACI and have not yet recertified on Media Composer v8.6, now is the time!

The new curriculum is structurally quite different. It was redesigned to offer integrated, progressive training on picture and sound editing, combined with visual effects work, project management and technical troubleshooting skills in every course.   Each course delivers a more complete overview of the workflow.

For academic educators in particular, this may require changes to how you teach the class in the context of broader course curricula. Update now to ensure you have the time to plan next year’s classes.

The ACI Recertification Process is simple:

  • Register online.
  • Watch the online instructor training videos.
  • Schedule your exam.
  • Take and pass the online recertification exam.

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A 1-year NFR license for Media Composer.
  • Digital copies of the MC101 and MC110 v8.6 courseware.
  • And, access to EditStock.com (through your ALP) to download course media.

Register today

AMER Announcements

Avid Education at NAB 2017

Going to NAB? Mark these events in your calendar!

Media Composer 200-level ACI training – April 17-21

Come to Las Vegas the week before NAB and get certified to teach the Media Composer Professional certification courses: MC201 and MC210. Media Composer Professional Editing I and II teach advanced tools and professional techniques to take your knowledge and editing to the next level.

These courses are especially well-suited for third and fourth year undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals.

Register here

Annual ACI / ALP Gathering @ NAB

Join us Sunday night, April 23, for our annual Avid Education soirée! (read: come-as-you-are drinks in a great bar)

Come mix and mingle with the Avid Education team, fellow ACIs and ALPs from around the world.  You never know what networking opportunities will open. True story: One year I introduced two ACIs at the event, one from Utah, one from Austria. The next summer, the ACI from Utah was guest lecturing in Austria!

We looking forward to seeing you there.

Avid Learning Partner Summit 2017

Planning is underway for the 2017 ALP America’s Summit this summer. This year we are planning a two-day weekend event, with ACI certification classes running the weeks before and after. The weekend will be loaded with great training and information from Avid, our 3rd party partners, industry pro’s, and YOU!

This year, we are excited to add peer-presentations to the event. Among this elite community are experts in many areas of production, editing and mixing workflows, as well as educational best practices. Sign up to present a workshop on your area of expertise and (if selected) get a discount on your next Avid certification class!

Help us nail down the final details by answering this 3 Question Survey.

Upcoming ACI Certification Classes


Date Course Location Book Now
2/27/17 – 3/3/17 MC100T3 Media Composer Fundamentals Train-the-Trainer  Burbank, CA Register
3/6/17-3/10/17 Media Composer Professional Editing ACI Workshop  Burbank, CA Register
4/17/17-4/21/17 Media Composer Professional Editing ACI Workshop  Las Vegas, NV Register
5/15/17-5/19/17 PT100T3 Pro Tools Fundamentals Train-the-Trainer  Burbank, CA Register


EMEA Announcements

Upcoming Pro Tools 100 level T3 @ Avid EMEA HQ

Avid is hosting the next 5 day Pro Tools T3 (train-the-trainer) course for Instructors at our European HQ at Pinewood Studios, UK the week of 27th March 2017.

If you are interested in attending the class please contact Ashleigh Davies (ashleigh.davies@avid.com) or Tim Mynett (tim.mynett@avid.com)

BVE 2017 

Are you going to the BVE show in London, UK (28th Feb – 2nd March)? If so then the EMEA Learning Team will be there and it would be great to meet up to discuss the Learning Partner program.

To arrange a time for a meeting, catch up or just have a coffee then contact Tim (tim.mynett@avid.com), Ashleigh (ashleigh.daives@avid.com) or Trevor (trevor.boden@avid.com).


Many congratulations to University of Westminster for completing the ACI MC200 level recently at Avid EHQ, Pinewood.

Also congratulations to both Tonkraftwerk (Austria) and Studio Syrland (Iceland) who completed their 210M ACI certification and are now ready to deliver the 200 level courses.

Welcome New Avid Learning Partners

  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, UK – Pro Tools, Media Composer & Sibelius
  • Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance, UK – Pro Tools
  • Manipal University, Dubai – Pro Tools & Media Composer
  • TRT World, Enterprise Partner, Turkey – iNEWS
  • School Training, Spain – Pro Tools


Avid Learning Partners who have expanded their partnership with us 

  • Oxford Brookes
  • Arts University Bournemouth
  • Birmingham City University –

All now delivering 200 level Media Composer courses.

APAC Announcements

Welcome to our new Avid Learning Partners

Avid Education is getting more active in the region all the time. A warm welcome to our newest Avid Learning Partners:

  • Akademi Televisi Indonesia – Media Composer
  • BASE (Bandung Academy of Sound Engineering) (indonesia) – Pro Tools
  • Korea Art Conservatory – Pro Tools
  • Korea University of Media Arts – Pro Tools
  • Record Factory Busan (Korea) – Pro Tools
  • University of New England (Australia) – Pro Tools


Macquarie University, nestled in Sydney Australia, offers both undergraduate and post-graduate courses in news journalism. With increased interest from undergraduates last year, coupled with the large industry uptake of freelance news producers, it seemed the right time for Macquarie University to become involved with the new IN101 offering from Avid’s Learning Partner program.

Late 2016 saw Macquarie become the first Avid Learning Partner (ALP) in the Asia-Pacific region to undertake the IN101 instructor training and they are now planning the rollout of the newly available iNEWS courses to both enrolled students in their curriculum as well as offering short-form classes to the private sector.

Macquarie University’s Avid Certified Instructor says this: “Macquarie is blessed to have a huge suite of Avid products at our disposal including a fully functioning News Room based around Avid’s iNEWS newsroom system. Using iNEWS to drive the systems like Command/Capture and Airspeed, as well as AutoCue, makes producing a news bulletin about as easy as it get. This allows us more time to spend with the students and show them what really happens on the other side of the screen.”

“The ALP program has been fantastic for us, as it allows us to hold a substantial range and number of licenses for the various tools we use from day to day. Having Avid back-up the program means never having to worry if our requirements change for what ever reason. We have been involved with the ALP program since the acquisition of the equipment for three years now and we look forward to the exciting time ahead as Avid continues to push into new areas of television production and post production.”

Record Factory – First ALP in Busan, South Korea

Record Factory is a leading educational program in South Korea where anyone can study the latest music and audio production in an up-to-date setting. With its creative and technical curriculum, Record Factory goes beyond studying the textbooks and basic tool operations, and provides an education that addresses the entire process of music-making. From MIDI to synthesis and sound design, Record Factory strives to accommodate all types of students. From beginner to experienced levels. Now, Record Factory is expanding their offerings from their seminal facility in Seoul, to a brand new campus in Busan.

About the new opening, Record Factory Avid Certified Instructor Yonggon Kim has this to say: “Our facility consists of a professional recording studio with Pro Tools HD system, Avid Artist Mix & Transport, and 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting Amplifiers. The studio is also filled with 4-710d mic preamp, UAD, and Waves Platinum bundle, and Slate Digital Plugins to complete the lineup.”

“Our 2 high-tech classrooms accommodate various music production environments, and in addition to class time, all Record Factory students are given unlimited personal lab hours. Students will be able to study and gain hands-on experience on the software, as well as professional equipment from morning to night.”

“The AVID Learning Partner Program consists of essential information and skills to hold as an engineer; from Digital Audio principles to Professional Techniques required for audio production. The ALP Program has been supporting Record Factory in our mission of training talented professionals.”

“In particular, the PT130 (Game Audio) course teaches how interactive audio is linked with various tools from Pro Tools, and many other game engine software such as Unity and Fmod. The course is organized very efficiently and thus enables students to cooperate in completing a game sound design project; using Dialog, Ambience, Vehicle Sound and other interactive sound factors.”


Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of the Avid Learning Partner Newsletter. We hope you found the information helpful to you as one of our Learning Partners.

We welcome all comments and feedback on the newsletter, in particular what you would like to see included in future editions. Please send any comments you have either to your Regional ALP Manager or directly to myself via simon.maskrey@avid.com.

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After 27 years in training as Global Certification Manager I now support the advancement and validation of skills to harness the power of Avid’s solutions.