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Whether you’re a longtime industry professional or just getting started, we are very excited to introduce Avid Link, a brand new and completely free app (available on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android) aimed at helping anyone in the audio or video industry connect and collaborate with others.  Avid Link is also a replacement for the existing Application Manager and is packed with a ton of informational content and capabilities for you to take advantage of in your daily creative activities.

At Avid, we set out to build a creative community that goes one step further than other communities out there. With Avid Link, you’ll not only have a community to show what you can do, but you now have a place to manage and drive collaborations with friends and colleagues, while also having the opportunity to meet new people with skills and talents to help put the finishing touches on all of your projects.

Setting up your profile

One of the first things to do when you launch Avid Link is to set up your profile and set your status to public. Navigate to the profile tab to start shaping your presence in the Avid Link community. If you already have an Avid account you can log in with those credentials, or if you don’t have an Avid account, you can easily create one from the Profile tab.  For users that had a portfolio created on the Avid Artist Community, you will find some of your profile will be filled with this information and content.  This is due to the Artist Community getting fully integrated and improved within Avid Link, so any content you had there will now live within this app.

In the profile tab, you’ll be able to add and edit all of your information via the gear/cog icon in the top right corner. To set your profile to public, which makes you appear in search results and allows others to connect and invite you to projects, click on “Edit about me” and check the box next to “Make my profile public”. Here you can also add a preferred artist name, short bio, work info, location, personal or social links, and, scrolling to the bottom of this page, you can tag yourself with relevant talent & skills. The more detailed your Talents & Skills section, the more likely you will appear in relevant search results.

You can also associate relevant content with your profile so others can hear and view examples of your works. Add audio tracks, embed YouTube videos, and share Sibelius scores to your profile in the “My Portfolio” section.

Connecting with others

Once your profile is set up, and your status is set to public, you can be found and discovered by other members of the community. Also, you can now simply send connection requests in the Find Talent tab to build up your contacts of people you may want to communicate or collaborate with.

Looking for someone to clean up some troubled dialogue recording for your video project? Just search dialogue editor, in Find Talent and see if anyone wants to collaborate to get the job done. Looking for a singer to add vocals to your latest track, just search singer or vocals in Find Talent and send a connection request to anyone you’d like to work with.

Once you’re connected, you can freely send messages to each other and invite one another to Pro Tools Cloud Projects directly within Avid Link. While collaborating you’ll also receive updates on any changes and updates made to the project as they happen without needing to be at your Pro Tools system.

An upgrade to Application Manager

Beyond Avid Link’s creative community is a newly revamped Application Manager filled with new features and improvements. We’ve simplified licensing, making it easy to instantly activate and de-activate entitlements for all of your software. Keeping products up to date has also never been easier with new auto updating, silent install features, and filter views that show you all of your products that have an update available or that haven’t been claimed yet. Also, if you’ve purchased Media Composer, Pro Tools or Sibelius from a channel partner you can easily redeem them in Avid Link to manage the download and licensing, by clicking on the “Redeem” button at the top right corner of the Products tab and entering in the download code.

The Installation, License Server, Administration, and Notifications settings can be found in the Preferences section of Avid Link, accessible from the menu within the macOS menu bar at the top of your desktop or in your Windows tray at the bottom of your desktop.

Purchasing plugins and apps

Looking for new plugins, apps, training content, or hardware compatible with your Pro Tools, Media Composer or Sibelius products? The Marketplace completely integrates and has been streamlined to make it simple to find the products you’re looking for thanks to all new filtering and search options that allow you to quickly and easily track down the tools you need enhance your projects or sessions.

Looking for more information about Avid Link? Check out our FAQ.

Introducing Avid Link

Avid Link is a free app for anyone looking to find, connect, and collaborate with other creatives, promote your work and get discovered, and purchase and manage products—all in one interface.

From news production, sports production, audio editing and music composing, content creation and the applications that drive the industry are something I have used throughout my career. Inspired by powerful and emotive film scores and the behind the scenes orchestration–I now work as Solutions Marketing Specialist (Creative Artists) for Pro Tools at Avid, where I help deliver the very best software in the audio industry to the creators who inspired me from the start. My music creation started when I picked up a guitar in junior high, and continues today through writing cinematic compositions.