Customize Your Own Modular Control Surface with the new Avid S6 ‘Configurator’

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Los Angeles Avid pro audio reseller RSPE has made a very cool way to construct your perfect S6 mixing desk in the virtual realm. By choosing a custom configuration, you are able to start with an empty frame size of your choice and then from there, you are able to play with the arrangement by dragging down modules, blank panels, producers desk and or meter displays. You can always re-drag around to change the layout or clear it all and start again. It really helps you visualize the possibilities for the very modular and customizable Avid S6 control surface. Heck, you can even share your dream config on social media with easy links.


You can see a layout that I’ve made using the configurator in the image at the top… (Is it my ideal surface layout?! I’m not telling!) It shows a custom 24 fader S6 M40 system. Here’s the breakdown from left-to-right:


The first 8 channels has only the fader module (with 2 blank panels) and I picture using these faders for mostly VCA masters where I wouldn’t need access to the knobs. If they happen to be other audio or aux channels, I would nudge them closer to me in the center, ergonomic sweet spot to access them.


Channels 9-16 in the second row of modules contains a full arsenal of Fader, Process, Knob and Meter Displays. This is where I’ll spend most of my time and I want access to the most control and visual feedback.


Next is the center section of the Master Modules: The Master Touch and the Automation Modules. The heads-up display is my navigation tool and all the soft keys are critical to access for my favorite automation modes like Preview and Punch Preview.


Channels 17-24 follow and mirror channels 9-16 allowing me the most control.


Finally, the right side has the Producers Desk giving me access to my DAW – Pro Tools of course!

RSPE has told me they will be continually updating the configurator with new functionality – so be sure to check back. (Things like the ability to split the Master Touch Module and the Master Automation module). They’ve also said they will be adding the sliding bluetooth keyboard/trackpad option to the drawing soon.

Modularity, configurability, scalability and ergonomics are what our customers asked us to build in a modern control surface. This interactive configurator is really an easy and fun tool to play with the modularity and layout aspect of the surface, hope you can check it out soon.

If you do share your config on social media, be sure to share it with the hashtag:

#AvidS6 or #MixingRedefined

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