Avid ScriptSync and PhraseFind Are Coming Back to Media Composer!

I’ve always loved the media – I’ve loved movies, news and television for as long as I can remember.  I can remember sneaking away to see Jaws when I was nine years old, only to be scolded for seeing a PG movie when I was so young.  That passion followed me through my college years and into working in media production, and ultimately lead me to a role in creating the technology for the industry I love so much.

So, when I was offered the job of Media Composer product manager some nine years ago, I thought what an honor and a privilege to be a part of something so important and influential to the media and entertainment industry.  I’ve never taken my responsibility for granted, and neither have the wonderful product managers who have been part of my team for so many years.  I can tell you the product managers, designers and engineers take the mission seriously, and every day we wake excited up to be a part of something we love so much.

Over the last nine years, the Media Composer team and I have accomplished so much. It’s no easy feat to change and grow a product that is so instrumental in the creation of blockbuster movies and breaking news stories, where hundreds of people are using your product at the same time. You can’t just go changing things so drastically that it shuts down a production or stops a newsroom from working; nor can you choose to just throw things away and start all over again.  No, every single member of the team here at Avid understands the responsibility of ensuring our existing users are happy and successful while driving innovation to convince more editors, more students, and more aspiring professionals to use Media Composer.

We’ve had some great successes and achievements over the years – 64Bit, new UI’s and UI frameworks,  platform-ready video and audio engines shared by Pro Tools and Media Composer, AMA, Smart Tool – too many to list here. All of these developments have been engineered into the product to make your workflows more efficient, and have allowed you to work smarter and be more productive.  But, we’ve also had some setbacks, and that is the reason for my blog today.

Avid PhraseFind 2.0 is coming soon to Media Composer

A few years back we had to make the difficult decision to remove ScriptSync and PhraseFind from Media Composer.  It was a decision we did not take lightly.  Back then, Avid was in the infancy of building out the Media Central Platform, and the Nexidia technology was so powerful that we knew there must be a way to provide solutions for all of our users in the broadcast and post production industry. We thought it was important to re-evaluate our relationship with Nexidia and present better, more technically advanced options to our users.  Unfortunately while our plans were well-intended, our existing users have been struggling to find a way forward, stuck between the need to use ScriptSync and PhraseFind in their workflows and the desire to come with us as we advance the Media Composer product.   It took some time, but the folks at Nexidia and Avid have worked together to bring the Nexidia product line to the Media Central Platform, including Dialog Search and Illuminate.  These are exceptional and incredibly powerful products that vastly improve media production workflows, and if you have a chance, you should check them out.

Avid ScriptSync 2.0 is coming soon to Media Composer

I am also pleased to announce that we are bringing back PhraseFind and ScriptSync to Media Composer.  In early 2017 we will introduce updated, feature rich products using the very latest Nexidia phonetic search technology.  To complement these upgrades, we are also introducing new pricing with attractive offers on bundles, upgrades and Education licenses.


New License

Upgrade from version 1

Media Composer | ScriptSync



Media Composer | PhraseFind



Media Composer ScriptSync and PhraseFind Bundle



Media Composer ScriptSync and PhraseFind Bundle EDU



Remember you’ll need the latest version of Media Composer to use them, so be sure your Annual Upgrade Plan is current—renew your plan now in your Avid Account.

Finally, for those who stood by Avid and continued to work on Media Composer 7, we will offer an amnesty program to get you on the latest version of Media Composer so you can use these updated versions of ScriptSync and PhraseFind.

We have a bunch more details on our website, as  well as a sign up form to get notified when these options are available.  I’m so happy to bring ScriptSync and PhraseFind back to our loyal Media Composer customers and think you will love the results.  Take some time to check out the great new offerings from Avid using Nexidia technology and sign up for updates for Media Composer | PhraseFind and ScriptSync Options.

Thanks again for being a Media Composer Editor!

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