Avid to Co-Sponsor Plugin Alliance “Plugin Play” Meet-up in Berkeley

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Our friends at Plugin Alliance, LLC make an unrivaled list of  plug-ins available for the Avid AAX DSP platform for Avid Pro Tools | HDX and Avid VENUE.  From the ingenious inventions of Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich to spot-on emulations of beloved gear from SPL, Millenia, Vertigo, Maag Audio and many more, their list of tools is prodigious  and growing all the time.  Audio enthusiasts and professionals at all levels are wise to check their catalog out as they choose plug-ins for their new or expanding Pro Tools and Live Sound systems.

This week, Avid and other friends of Plugin Alliance will be able to thank this beloved developer in person as we attend “Plugin Play” an invitation only event to be held at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, which also happens to house the local offices of Avid. Plugin Play takes place on Thursday, May 25th from 3:00 to 7:00 PM PST at Fantasy Studios, located at 2600 10th Street in Berkeley, California.

The enviable and smile-worthy history of Plugin Alliance is one of audio expertise, passion for bringing powerful and unique plug-ins to Avid users, innovation in scaling development to get to market quickly, emergence of a leading audio brand and connection with a passionate customer community. Dirk Ulrich, who became a plug-in developer on the morning of the 2006 Avid Developer Conference as we hand-signed a printed developer agreement, has always moved fast with his talented team of engineers in Germany to transition to new Pro Tools hardware platforms, closely support our live and studio control surfaces and drive new plug-in features into his tremendous range of products. Plugin Alliance deserves much credit for putting no-compromise emulations of tons of legendary audio effects gear in the hands of thousands of Pro Tools users.

Matt Ward, Plugin Alliance CEO, remarks that “the Pro Tools | HDX platform is the worldwide standard for professional users.  The fact that we have over 50 AAX DSP titles available reflects our commitment to the HDX platform and its users.”

Dirk Ulrich, Plugin Alliance Chairman and Brainworx CEO adds, “About 10 years ago I went to the NAMM tradeshow, with nothing but a cool concept for what would become bx_digital V1.  Avid saw my ideas, understood them  right away, and gave me a developer contract to review on the show floor, which basically put me in business.  We’re thrilled to have Avid co-sponsor the presentation of our most important product launch of 2017 at Fantasy Studios. Which comes in handy, as all my demos sessions of the past 10 years have been created and presented in ProTools.”

Plugin Play, in the hosts’ own words, will offer “ plugin-geekery, a sneak peek at new products, and good old-fashioned networking.”  They would “love to enjoy your company over several happy hours complete with delicious food and drinks.” Avid is just one of a list of sponsors who will be along in Berkeley, including Women’s Audio Mission, the San Francisco Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society and PMC Speakers.   Plugin Play is a private event, but as an Avid Blogs reader, we’ve got you covered!  If you’re interested in joining, please write to co-host Chandra Lynn at Glow Marketing to request passes for you and your guests. Time and space are running out!

Avid wants to express our sincere thanks to the team at Plugin Alliance and to the audio experts that are responsible for the innovation behind their portfolio of brands. Together, you’re delivering racks and racks of great-sounding virtual gear to AAX that adds endless quality and color to the work being done every day on Pro Tools and VENUE. See you at Plugin Play!

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