Avid to Host the NAMM Accessibility Panel — Bringing More Users to the Music Creation Party

For more than five years, Avid has worked closely with a team of experts to drive accessibility features into Pro Tools.  More than just a one-time effort, excellence in accessibility calls for a long-term effort, and for a commitment to make accessibility a first-class citizen on our product roadmap.  The result is an audio creation product that offers such deep access that even  users with no useful eyesight are thriving as producers and engineers—taking advantage of the full range of features in Pro Tools every day with little or no sighted assistance.  This dedication to accessibility earned Avid  a 2016  Access Award from the American Foundation for the Blind putting us in the company of organizations like Disney, Google, Major League Baseball and Netflix.

We’re incredibly proud of this award and our ongoing work to support visually impaired users.  So, this year at the 2018 NAMM Show, we will get together with blind users, accessibility experts and friends in the industry who are working together to bring the joy of music creation to visually impaired users and others who can benefit from related product innovation and specialized education.

Ed Gray, Director, Partnering Programs, Avid

The expert panel, called Making Music Creation Accessible, is part of the TEC Tracks series, featuring more than 70 free sessions for sound, studio and stage professionals. These sessions spotlight industry thought leaders presenting innovative ideas, best practices and unique training for recording, live sound, lighting, entertainment technology and music business professionals. They are sure to make your 2018 NAMM experience more valuable.

Chi Kimm, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music

Ed with Slau Halatyn, Owner, Be Sharp Studios

Timothy Adnitt, Product Owner, Komplete Kontrol, Native Instruments

Kevin Kern, Composer and Recording Artist

The Innaugural Accessibility Panel  takes place on Friday, January 26th at 3:00 PM at the Hilton Hotel Anaheim directly across from the Show.  We’ll gather in the Avila Room on the fourth floor.  In what looks to be a fast-paced 50 minutes, you’ll enjoy perspectives and live  product demonstrations from expert presenters, including:


  • Ed Gray, Director, Partnering Programs, Avid
  • Slau Halatyn, Owner, Be Sharp Studios
  • Byron Hardin, Director, I See Music
  • Chi Kimm, Assistant  Professor, Berklee College of Music
  • Timothy Adnitt, Product Owner, Komplete Kontrol, Native Instruments
  • Kevin Kern, Composer and Recording Artist
  • Kyle Splittgerber, Product Manager, Avid|Pro Tools
  • Sean A. Cummins,  Information Technology Consultant, Musician

Slau demonstrates VoiceOver support in a Pro Tools mix with Ed Caracappa, Senior Director, Global Alliances from Avid

Together, we will create a spark that compels music manufacturers, educators, retailers producers and engineers to make accessibility a first-class citizen in their planning, not only to do good, but to do well.  Work being done by innovative developers is making music creation interfaces and content accessible to blind users and those with other challenges, and the companies who make this development a priority will differentiate their products,  win loyal customers and profit from this work as they open doors to music creation for countless creatives-in-waiting.

Avid and our friends appreciate the chance to present at the TEC Tracks sessions and promise a panel that’s full of practical information  for manufacturers, developers and anyone interested in learning more about the increasing excitement and innovation in accessibility and the ways that you can take advantage—whatever your role.  See you at 3:00 on Friday!


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