Avid Connect 2017

April 22- 23 │Wynn Las Vegas



Are you prepared to reach your greatest potential this year? Join us at Avid Connect 2017, where media professionals come together and prepare for the year ahead. It’s where you experience the cutting-edge and become a part of something bigger…

  • Avid Connect 2016: Free Avid Recertification and Career Advice for Students and Educators Alike

    With an entire track of sessions geared toward the next generation of audio and video professionals and those helping them get their careers started, Avid Connect 2016 will be an invaluable experience for students and educators.

  • Avid Connect—An Awe-Inspiring Experience I Would Not Want to Miss

    Avid Connect is an awe-inspiring experience. that I do not want to miss. Learn why I plan to arrive at this year’s event early, get a good seat and absorb as much as I can about all the new products and services Avid has to offer.

  • Why the First Person to Register for Avid Connect 2016 Is Saying “Don’t Miss It!”

    Why the first person to register for Avid Connect 2016 is saying “Don’t Miss It!” Here are a few reasons why you should make sure you secure your spot for this year’s Connect event.

  • Experience the Future in Motion: Attend Educational and Inspirational Sessions at Avid Connect 2016

    We are incredibly excited to share a fantastic agenda that has been put together with your help and input. There are a plethora of inspirational and educational sessions dedicated to workflows, pressing challenges, customer insights, product announcements and more. These sessions are opportunities for attendees to learn how Avid Everywhere…

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