Avid’s Collaboration with VR Innovator LiveLike brings Compelling ‘Mixed Reality’ Experiences to Sports Fans

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Through its innovative virtual reality (VR) platform and award-winning ‘VR spectator app’, LiveLike is on track to revolutionise the way consumers experience and engage with sports content.

Founded in 2015 and selected into America’s prestigious Techstars Startup Accelerator programme in September the same year, LiveLike graduated from it just three months later in December 2015.

We caught up with co-founder Fabrice Lorenceau to discuss how LiveLike’s collaboration with Avid is enabling broadcasters to deliver compelling, interactive, experiences to viewers.

According Fabrice, LiveLike’s aim is simple: “To use ‘mixed reality’ to bring you and your friends together in a sports viewing experience that’s as easy a turning your television set on, and as thrilling as going to the stadium.”

With company expertise coming from all sectors of the media and entertainment industry – gaming, film and television industries – LiveLike’s pool of talent is well placed to enable broadcasters and sports teams to deliver immersive, live sports viewing experiences.

For such a young company, industry recognition come quickly. Presented with the NFL and TechCrunch’s 1st and Future award in the broadcast category, ‘bringing home the game’, LiveLike is seeing demand amongst broadcasters for its application accelerate.

However, building out the augmented reality aspect brought its own set of challenges, Fabrice continues: “There’s three UHD cameras in the set-up, and everyone is well aware of the huge data challenges handling UHD brings. And to make the viewer experience even more attractive, we needed to enhance the feeds with graphics and other video sources.”

Missing from LiveLike’s offering was a technology partner to enable the enhancement of augmented reality (AR) within the virtual environment, thus creating a ‘mixed reality’ experience, one that combines VR and AR.

Through integration with Avid 3DPlay from the Avid Studio Suite, LiveLike now brings TV production opportunities into virtual environment. These include a giant virtual ‘jumbotron’ screen, a VIP lounge where users can interact, replays, stats and social media feeds, creating a full virtual interactive experience for sports fans.

“We used Avid’s unique hardware and software solutions to bring amazing mixed reality experiences to sports fans.”

——Fabrice Lorenceau, co-founder LiveLike

Broadcasters’ existing trust and familiarity with Avid’s catalogue of broadcast solutions made the collaboration a straightforward one that Fabrice sums up nicely: “Avid’s is a household name in the broadcast industry and the openness of their MediaCentral Platform made our collaboration an easy one. We used Avid’s unique hardware and software solutions to bring amazing mixed reality experiences to sports fans.”

See how Avid Graphics support the emerging medium of virtual reality at this year’s NAB Show (Booth SU902, South Upper Hall) on Wednesday, April 20 at 2:45pm when co-founder Fabrice Lorenceau demonstrates LiveLike, the VR platform of the future that enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver fully immersive, live sports viewing experiences.

Avid at NAB 2016

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