Berklee Online Pro Tools Tutorials

  • Create Depth and Space in a Pro Tools Mix with Stereo Tracks

    In the final video of our 9-part series, Berklee Online instructor Jeff Baust explores stereo panning and how to create depth and space in a mix.

  • Keep Track of Your Placement in a Pro Tools Session with Memory Locations

    Using Memory Locations, Jeff Baust demonstrates how to create markers, zoom settings, track heights, and more so you can adjust to any mix need on the fly.

  • Visually Organize your Pro Tools Session Using Groups’ Deeper Functions

    Groups can be used for more than faders, mute, and solo. Here’s how organizing the display of a session can go a long way in increasing the speed and efficiency of how you work.

  • Work Faster and More Efficiently in Large Pro Tools Sessions with Track Groups

    Keeping a session organized is a crucial part in the mix process. In this week’s Berklee Online video tutorial, you’ll learn how to organize tracks into Groups, so you can work faster and more efficiently.

  • Add Weight and Consistency to the Sounds of Your Mix with Parallel Compression

    Looking to get a bigger sound out of your recording? Jeff Baust from Berklee Online shows you how to use parallel compression to add weight and consistency to the sounds in a mix.

  • Create Wider, Denser Vocal Sounds with Dual Pitch in Pro Tools

    As a mix becomes more dense, it can get harder to have your lead vocal cut through. Using the dual pitch technique, Jeff Baust demonstrates how to use pitch bending to create a wider, denser vocal sound.

  • Adding Drum Loops to Existing Productions with the Help of Elastic Audio

    Many modern recordings require both electronic and organic parts to complete the soundscape of a song. Jeff Baust shows how to import a drum loop and sync it to an existing production.

  • Berklee Online Pro Tools Tutorials: Elastic Audio (Part 1)

    Adjust Rhythm Parts with Elastic Audio

    With Elastic Audio in Pro Tools, you can adjust rhythm parts on the fly. In this Part 1 of my two-part Elastic Audio tutorial, watch as I analyze and tighten up a drum track performance.

  • Berklee Online & Avid Present: Organizing and Mixing Your Sessions in Pro Tools (Tempo Track)

    Tempo Track

    Welcome to our brand new video tutorial series co-created by Berklee Online and Avid. To get started, in Episode 1, we’re going to have a look at creating a tempo map for a Pro Tools session that was not recorded to a click.

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