Avid’s Creative Tools Help Tell Butterscotch’s Powerful Personal Story

By in Music Creation, Video Editing

Avid creative and collaborative tools have recently been used to power Butterscotch’s latest music video, ‘Accept Who I Am’. Butterscotch, the world’s first female beatbox champion and America’s Got Talent finalist, has her own truly unique style, simultaneously beatboxing, singing and performing on piano or guitar.

Butterscotch is an incredibly talented performer, so we were very lucky to go behind the scenes with her recently, along with her music producer and video editor, to talk about how the music and video for ‘Accept Who I Am’ were created using Avid Pro Tools and Avid Media Composer. You can watch the video below, or read about how each of the two main elements were created in these two accompanying blogs:

Mixing 'Accept Who I Am' with Pro Tools

Editing 'Accept Who I Am' with Media Composer

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