Timeline Tuesday

  • Twin Brothers Luke and Lewis Williams Write, Produce and Direct Indie Film ‘Plentyn Clown’

    This project is a great challenge to edit because of there is very little dialog between the main characters. It’s important…

  • The Challenge of Keeping Down the Duration of Compact Fiction Film ‘Bang du er Død’

    ‘Bang du er død’ (Bang you’re dead), is a compact fiction film that tells the story of a young boy…

  • Recounting the Amazing True Story of ‘The Cokeville Miracle’

    The Cokeville Miracle, an independent film recently released in theaters, recounts the amazing true story of faith and prayer during…

  • Editing a Film with Little Dialog Shows How Much Can Be Said Without Saying a Single Word

    L’Armoire (“The Dresser”) is a half English, half French spoken film about two unlikely students who, despite not speaking each…

  • Inspiring Stories from Mission of Hope Haiti

    Read how filmmaker Jonathan Cordell followed several key staff members and lay leaders of First Baptist Church Jacksonville as they…

  • 'Service Please' courtesy of James Roddy, DGA

    Uncorking Creative Editorial with James Roddy, DGA

    As I watch really cool examples of independent films in progress fly through my Twitter feed, I thought it would…