Accelerate Reach, Ratings, Revenue

WEBINAR: CBC Radio-Canada is Accelerating Reach, Ratings, and Revenue

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On Wednesday, May 15, join us for a thought-provoking webinar on how CBC Radio-Canada, Canada’s foremost news organization, is accelerating reach, ratings, and revenue with the industry’s most fully-integrated set of news solutions.

Find out how they connect small and large stations throughout their network, give contributors immediate access to media from every region and locale, and link central production facilities with journalists in the field.

Get an inside perspective from CBC’s Director of Media Engineering and top news production trainers on how Avid creative, media management, and remote connectivity solutions help their organization achieve a quantum leap in quality and effectiveness.

Join us for the Accelerate Reach, Ratings, Revenue webinar. Two sessions available to attend next Wednesday. Session 1 at 9:00am ET or  Session 2 at 2:00pm ET.


UPDATE: If you missed the live broadcast on May 15, make sure to check out the on-demand webinar.


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