Avid Connect App Coming Soon!

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Coming later this Spring, Avid will be releasing an entirely new application called “Avid Connect App”, aimed at easily connecting you to the most talented and diverse ecosystem across the creative industries, directly on your computer and mobile device. The Avid Connect App is free to anyone with an Avid account, and will also be accessible within Sibelius, Pro Tools and Media Composer.

Avid Connect App at a glance

The Avid Connect App will help you stay informed about the latest industry news, customer stories, and product information. You’ll also be able to build your profile with a portfolio of your best works to help promote yourself for jobs, and find other like-minded talented users to connect, message, or collaborate with on a project. As a user, you’ll have access to “Lounges”, where you can contribute to real-time discussions on different industry or product topics.

Beyond interacting with the rest of the Avid community, you’ll be able to purchase compatible tools to help inspire creativity directly from the Avid Marketplace. Best of all, you’ll be able to easily manage all of your Avid products right in the app.


Artist Community Integration

With this new app, you’ll gain easy access to all of the capabilities of the Avid Artist Community. Continue to personalize your profile with your latest music tracks from Pro Tools or scores from Sibelius, and tag yourself with talents or skills so others can easily find you when they need to hire a collaborator. It’s now easier than ever to make connections, send messages, or chat with collaborators so everyone is up to date on the latest changes or ideas. If you need a certain instrument on your latest track or want to find other artists for a project, you can search for them in the new “Find Talent” area of the app. Just set the easy to use filters to quickly find who you’re looking for, send a contact invitation, and start chatting about how you can work togetherーall without ever leaving the app.

With the power of the Artist Community integrated into the Avid Connect App, you’ll have access to an entirely new experience to elevate your creative endeavors and professional opportunities. Showcase your talents and get discovered, or find others to work with within the entire Avid community of over 1.5 million users.  Along with the opportunities to be found in the app, being a user in the Avid ecosystem means you’re using the most powerful programs in the industry. When you use Avid products, you’re immersing yourself in the platform that drives the professional creative industry.

Give or receive feedback, insights and guidance within the Lounges

With our all new Lounges, you’re never out of reach of a helping hand or to give guidance to those that need it. Divided into three separate categories, we’ve created lounges for Media Composer, Pro Tools, and Sibelius in an effort to facilitate an interactive community.


These lounges will function much like a forum, except they will be immediately accessible through the mobile and desktop app and are designed for more instantaneous communication, feedback, sharing, and troubleshooting.

Stay on top of all the of the latest industry news related to you

As Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius enter a more regular cadence of feature-rich releases, the Avid Connect App will be your hub for all of the latest information related to your products. Stay up to date on your desktop or mobile device just by using the “Home” tab to view the News Feed. Here, you’ll find all of the latest news filterable by audio, notation, and video. See the latest features of every new release, discover some tips and tricks to improve your workflow in our catalog of blogs, or be inspired by a vast number of customer stories.


Picking up where Application Manager left off

While tons of new capabilities are being introduced into the Avid Connect App, it will still have all of the same functionality you would expect from the Application Manager, but with a more intuitive interface and more functionality.

We’ve consolidated four of the tabs from Application Manager into a single My Products tab where you can manage all of your purchased products. This includes licensing, downloading, installing, and even redeeming new products.  With an intuitive filtering mechanism in the My Products tab, you can quickly view any of your purchased products (Media Composer, Pro Tools or Sibelius), plug-ins, or codecs & drivers.  You can also quickly filter based on any of your products that need to be updated without scrolling through every single product, which saves time for you to get back to working.

Avid Connect App is Coming this Spring!

Take advantage of a new and innovative way to access the entire Avid ecosystem. Want to be one of the first to try it out? Register below and get notified as soon as the Avid Connect App is available.

From news production, sports production, audio editing and music composing, content creation and the applications that drive the industry are something I have used throughout my career. Inspired by powerful and emotive film scores and the behind the scenes orchestration–I now work as Solutions Marketing Specialist (Creative Artists) for Pro Tools at Avid, where I help deliver the very best software in the audio industry to the creators who inspired me from the start. My music creation started when I picked up a guitar in junior high, and continues today through writing cinematic compositions.