Insights into Consumer TV Viewing Trends

INFOGRAPHIC: Insights into Consumer TV Viewing Trends
July 23, 2013 Avid

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As a strategic partner to broadcasters and media professionals, we feel a strong responsibility to help our community understand, anticipate, and capture the opportunity of the unprecedented changes taking place in our industry. You may recall that last year Avid released a study of 250 broadcast and media executives, in which nearly all said that web-delivered services would become important future revenue drivers. But to respond effectively, the industry needed better insight into patterns of audience behavior, priorities, and preferences.

Today, Avid releases the results of a second study conducted in partnership with Ovum – this time asking consumers themselves about their viewing patterns across platforms, willingness to pay for TV content, and attitudes about TV advertising.

Our research uncovered 5 significant TV viewing trends and insights for the broadcast industry:

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1. Quality continues its long-standing reign: The strongest driver of audience engagement is still high-quality content with outstanding image and audio rendering.


2. High-quality content is also the key to ad engagement: The quality of ad content is vital to driving ad recall.


3. Multi-platform delivery drives value across the viewer lifecycle: Delivering shows via online, social, and mobile platforms not only allows consumers to personalize their viewing experience, but also lets broadcasters move audiences to the platform that maximizes the value of media assets.


4. There is profit in media archives with the right metadata strategy: Consumers will pay for archive content, but this demands that producers create effective metadata strategies.


5. Second screens create opportunity in mass media events: An emergence of the “digital water cooler” requires high-level, end-to-end workflows with an integrated capability to publish to second-screen web services.

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This infographic provides a quick snapshot of key data points from our consumer TV viewing research with Ovum. For more insights and analysis of what this all means for the broadcast and media industry, please download the full Ovum report, “Consumer Trend Research: Quality, Connection, and Context in TV Viewing.”

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