Create New Nightmares With Help From “the Master of Horror” John Carpenter

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You’ve heard the saying “There’s never been a better time to be alive.”.  For music creators, this very well may be the case!  With so many great tools, plug-ins, and workflows easily and affordably available to musicians, songwriters, producers, it truly is a great time to be a music creator.  As an example, Pro Tools has never been easier for anyone to subscribe to and start using.  It’s in that spirit, that BMG continues to deliver some of the most sought-after audio loops and samples from the world’s most famous and legendary artists and labels.  Their newest entry to their sample packages is, John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Producer Loops & Samples.

Each year approaching Halloween, I like to get into the season by re-watching some of my favorite horror and science fiction movies. Always included in my watchlist are titles from iconic filmmaker and composer John Carpenter. With classics such as Assault On Precinct 13 (1976) Halloween (1978) The Fog (1980) and They Live (1988) in his prestigious repertoire, John continues to compose for film and create his own original music in collaboration with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies. Their recent series of albums, Lost Themes, Lost Themes II, and Lost Themes Remixed contain original compositions that weren’t scored over/alongside imagery, allowing listeners to imagine and perceive their own visualizations of the music.

Avid and BMG are thrilled to announce a special collaboration with John and his team that will allow Pro Tools users to purchase and download John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Producer Loops & Samples, the next release in the lineup of products brought to users through Avid and BMG’s special partnership to offer custom packages of some of the world’s most iconic recordings to Avid Marketplace. The package features over 200 loops and samples sourced from Carpenter’s recent Lost Themes album series, offering users a variety of meticulously crafted sounds created by a seminal composer who is one of the most influential figures in the horror and science fiction genres. Whether you’re after eerie effects, intense strings, or lush synthesizers, this package provided by “The Master of Horror” offers countless ways to menacingly enhance your session and help you CREATE NEW NIGHTMARES!

The addition of John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Producer Loops & Samples to BMG’s growing stable of loop and sample packages, continues the vision of the label to open an entire world of iconic sounds and samples, to the entire creative world.  Sampling has become one of the standard music-creation building blocks, finding a home in all genres of music from hip-hop to rock.  BMG, realizing they manage a veritable treasure trove of material, decided to make some of its catalog available in a unique and accessible way.  The choice to partner with Avid was a natural one.  With Pro Tools long being considered the industry standard in audio recording, editing, and with the growing set of powerful music creation features, a relationship was quickly built.  In 2015, the first package was launched on the Avid Marketplace.  The Strictly Rhythm Producer Loops culled some of the most famous sounds from the legendary house music label and was an immediate hit.  The Salsoul & West End Producer Loops package followed, bringing an even more diverse sound set, featuring classic loops, stems, and a capella from the two famous labels.  Of course, all of the packages are fully compatible with Pro Tools, ready to be searched, imported, stretched and mangled within the world’s most powerful DAW.

Introduced in version 12.7 of Pro Tools, Soundbase expands the feature set of Pro Tools’ Workspace Browser, allowing users to quickly search through large amounts of audio sample and loop data. Users can also add their own metadata by “tagging” their audio library, for later use.  Once a library has been identified in the Soundbase browser, all tags will populate in the top section of the UI, giving users quick access to find what they might be looking for.  Additionally, users can type in information, as well as intelligently tell Soundbase to either include or exclude that information in their search.  Find more information on Soundbase here.

As with all of the BMG Producer Loop and Sample packs, John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Producer Loops & Samples is fully Soundbase ready, tagged, and categorized for quick and easy access.  All of the BMG Producer Loops & Samples can be found and purchased via Avid Link, or the The Avid Marketplace.

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