Cutting the Shooting Script for Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI Halftime Show on Media Composer

By in Video Editing

Los Angeles-based editor Guy Harding worked with set drawings, pre-visuals and over 80 cameras to create an edit that became the shooting script for Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Rehearsals at Hollywood Center Studios were recorded to mimic the camera angles in the stadium. Choreography and music were changed daily so Guy’s Assistant Editors loaded and grouped every evening to keep the cut up to date with the performance.

Chyrons with camera numbers, pyro info, and field cast details were then placed on the shots to be broken down by Assistant Director Hayley Collett to create the shooting script. Then onto the NRG Stadium in Houston Texas for the first camera rehearsal. Revisions were made throughout the week so that on show day all the pieces came into place perfectly by the whole team.

Edited on Avid Media Composer and directed by Hamish Hamilton the show was watched by 117 million people worldwide!

Media Composer timeline for the camera script of the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show (click to enlarge)

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Guy Harding has edited some of the largest multi-camera live shows on the planet. From 2D concerts and live events for Madonna, U2 and Victoria’s Secrets, to 3D features for One Direction. Guy recently cut Kevin Hart’s stand up comedy feature 'What Now' that is the largest standup show in history. He’s grateful to have travelled the world doing what he loves. Born in London, Guy is LA based, where is told by his family that he works too much.