Delivering High-End Slow Motion Replays with PlayMaker

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In this blog series, we delve into the Avid Studio Suite to showcase PlayMaker now fully integrated into the Avid family and at the core of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Here, product manager Eyal Stessel talks us through how live sports broadcasters can deliver faster game replay packages with PlayMaker.

With live sports productions becoming more complex and demanding, some replay servers are unable to cope with the growing production requirements. These include the need for additional operators, peripheral equipment, additional procurement and operational costs, and longer response times.

It is paramount broadcasters rely on a replay solution that can turnaround the delivery of a games package fast and efficiently, while also reducing operational costs, both in OB trucks and in the studio. Russian production facility Panorama deployed a workflow with PlayMaker at the centre for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, showcasing that an integrated workflow provides the best answer.

PlayMaker, our high-end slow motion replay server, has long been trusted and relied upon by many live sports and news production broadcasters. Providing instant playback and extremely fast highlight editing for developing stories, it can support various workflows from live sport production, through editing of highlights packages, news production, or multi-camera ingest.

For example, if a sports broadcaster is receiving multiple incoming games over a satellite feed, a PlayMaker operator can edit multiple games in parallel. The PlayMaker automatically manages the clips lists, playlists and metadata, eliminating the risk of user mistakes, saving significant time and reducing the number of operators required. Additionally, as there is no rendering time, each highlight can be played at any given moment.

PlayMaker can also contribute to the rest of the production workflow by making all highlights packages available for post editing, as clips, playlists segments, or consolidated video, including all the associated metadata.

To make the investment in PlayMaker eligible for all size sports productions, we’ve introduced three tiered packages:

  • The Basic package is the perfect solution for small live sports productions with up to six cameras. The powerful PlayMaker controller tool set provides second to none productivity, and rich highlight editing capabilities.
  • The Premium package enables powerful import/export capabilities for fast and simple collaboration with nonlinear editing applications and archiving ingested footage. To further enhance productivity, the package includes the Pivot windows GUI, an intuitive interface for production assistants and external loggers. And super slow-motion support allows the use of 2X, 3X, 4X and 6X times normal speed cameras.
  • The Elite package, which includes two PlayMaker systems, and is aimed at larger productions and can support up to 12 cameras managed by two operators. It enables file sharing between the two servers, making it perfect for instant editing of highlight packages from all recorded angles. Additional, the NetStream engine it comes with allows real-time ingest of up to six recorded feeds into a shared storage, providing an optimized workflow for multi-camera productions such as concerts or studio shows.

Find the PlayMaker Package that Fits Your Replay Needs

For more information, please view the PlayMaker Packages.

As senior principle product manager of the Avid video server products, I am proud to take part in shaping the future of our industry. Winner of the 31st Annual Sports Emmy® Award in the technical achievement category, with over 20 years of experience in the broadcast industry.