Designing Avid S3L

The compact new Avid S3L live sound system combines industry-standard sound quality, performance, and ease of use with a networked, scalable architecture that’s built for the future.

So just how does the S3L transcend everything you thought live sound could be? Join Principal Product Manager for Live Systems and Consoles at Avid, Al McKinna as he reveals the design process behind the groundbreaking new S3L.

Designing Avid S3L: Birth of a Concept

Made by and for professionals, Avid S3L gives customers game-changing functionality never before achieved by a live sound console.


The S3 Control Surface: Seven Design Goals of a Revolutionary Console

Get an insider’s look at the Avid S3 control surface design and learn how it will enable game changing dual-application functionality never before achieved by a live sound console.


How Avid S3L and Ethernet AVB Create the Most Robust and Configurable Audio Network in Live Sound

Avid S3L and Ethernet AVB—a partnership that created the most robust and easiest to configure audio network of any live sound console available today.


The Heritage of Avid Live Sound Systems Realized in an Ultra-Compact Console

Avid S3L offers you an abundance of new workflows, breaking the mold of what was conventionally thought possible in an incredibly powerful, compact, intuitive live sound system.


Designing and Optimizing Your Live Sound Monitor Mixing Workflows with Avid S3L

Find out how Avid S3L, an immensely powerful, compact and versatile digital live sound system, is heavily optimized for monitor mixing workflows.


The Power of Events with Avid S3L

The ability to link unrelated operations together via a detailed and user-friendly interface becomes tantamount to S3L’s effectiveness in high-pressured environments. This is exactly what the Events system was designed for. Learn how to power your Events.


The Center of Your Live Production Environment

Avid S3L is more than a great-sounding mixing desk—it’s a total live production system and the central point of control of your live sound environment. See why.