Detect and Correct Audio Level Problems in Voice Recordings with ERA Voice Leveler

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In order for sound and dialogue to truly compliment your visual material, it’s important that it’s intelligible and properly balanced – especially in cases where dialogue has to compete with background audio. Evening out audio level inconsistencies can be a tiresome, time-consuming process.

Until now, that is.

Meet Accusonus’ ERA Voice Leveler, a single knob tool that uses new, patent-pending algorithms to automatically detect audio level problems in voice recordings and correct them in real-time. Now, you can instantly achieve incredibly natural results with the turn of a simple dial.

In this video, we used ERA Voice Leveler to easily fix the dialogue levels on a product video that combines footage from 3 different interviews.

  • Use the tight mode to make the voice stand out from background
  • Choose the emphasis mode to improve
  • Enable the breath control to detect breaths and keep them at a lower

We know that every bit of your time matters, especially if you’re a professional working with deadlines. With ERA Voice Leveler, you no longer need to spend hours making manual gain adjustments. All you need to do is turn the ERA Voice Leveler knob!

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