Distributing music with AvidPlay

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Whether you’re new to distributing music or looking for a new way to release your music that allows you to keep 100% of your rights and earnings, AvidPlay is the perfect option!  Created for new or established artists of any experience level to share their works on the most popular streaming services around the world. From uploading, releasing, tracking stats, and getting paid—it’s all done using AvidPlay which can be found in Avid Link. Here’s a quick look at how it all works.


Step 1: Purchasing your AvidPlay subscription

The first thing you will want to do is purchase an AvidPlay option that works for you from the Avid Link marketplace or from the Avid webstore. If you haven’t downloaded Avid Link yet, you can do so here, it is also included with the latest version of Pro Tools.

AvidPlay has an offering for you no matter what you’re looking to do. From subscription plans to one-time payment plans, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs

Step 2: Accessing the AvidPlay Dashboard

Now that you have an AvidPlay subscription, you’re ready to dive in and start distributing your music. To access the AvidPlay dashboard, head to your products tab where you’ll find it listed with all of your other software, or head to your Portfolio in your Profile where you’ll find a button above your tracks that will bring you into AvidPlay. If you’re on mobile, you can access it either through the Portfolio as you would on desktop, or you can get there from the top right menu in the Home tab.

Step 3: Building your release

To start putting together your first release, click on the New Release button. In this first area, you’ll be able to enter all of the details of your release, which can be a single or an album. If you have a label, you can enter it in this window, or if you don’t have a label, you can just enter your name or create your own label name.

The next step is to upload your artwork. The recommended format is JPEG or PNG, 4000×4000, and between 1mb and 10mb.

Next, you’ll want to add tracks to your release. If you selected Single on the first screen, you will only be able to add one track to your release. If you selected Album, you will be able to add more. Once you’ve uploaded all of the tracks you want to include in your release, you can rearrange them to be in the order you want them to appear and you can preview the tracks you uploaded to make sure they sound okay.

Before selecting which streaming services you want to send your release to, you’ll need to fill out some specific details for each track. Name your track, enter your genres, language, lyric information and whether it’s for streaming, purchasing, or both. If you have collaborators for certain tracks, this is where you’ll enter that information as well. You can even decide the percentage revenue that each collaborator should receive. If you are the only artist on the track, just enter yourself as a participant and enter 100% for revenue. If you haven’t done this before, just click the small plus icon in the participant field and enter your PayPal information.

The last step is to select the streaming services you want to send your release to. In this last screen, you’ll be able to select all, or just select a few you want to distribute to. You also have the option to send your release to all future streaming services as well. This window also gives you the option to specify a release date per each service, as well as a release end date if you would like to do that. This window is also where you can come and check to see when your release goes live on each of the services you selected.

Depending on the streaming service it could take between 24 & 72 hours before your release starts showing up on their platform. We also give you the option to distribute to all future outlets as well—this means whenever there is a new service that we offer, your music will be sent their automatically.


Step 4: Tracking stats, collecting revenue, and making edits

Once your release is live across streaming services around the world, you’ll be able to start tracking of all of your stats and analytics via the stats tab, as well as your revenue gained from streams through PayPal. Payments are usually deposited to your PayPal account from the different streaming outlets on a monthly basis.

Enjoy getting your music distributed around the world via AvidPlay along with keeping 100% of your royalties. Stay tuned as we are planning even more ways to get your music heard!

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

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