Dreamforce 2015: Connect, Collaborate, and Be Heard on the Avid Artist Community

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Listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the most innovative companies, Salesforce is helping businesses across the globe connect with their customers with cloud technology. Avid is a partner on this journey.

We were one of the first Salesforce customers to combine community features with ecommerce functionality on their community cloud platform. Now, in connection with the cloud platform components of Avid Everywhere, we’re helping our customers collaborate and ultimately sell their music in a customer community—the Avid Artist Community.

Salesforce recently highlighted our efforts during their Community Cloud keynote at Dreamforce, the company’s annual user conference of 150,000 thought leaders, industry pioneers, and techies from around the world.

We are integrating ecommerce into our Artist Community to transform the media industry—ultimately changing the way musicians collaborate and sell music.

In a presentation watched by 40,000 people live online, in addition to the 4,000 Dreamforce attendees in the room, Salesforce Senior VP of Product Management Mike Micucci demonstrated a future state of our community. In the demo, which you can watch below, Mike shows how musicians can easily collaborate with other artists, and get paid for their efforts. Integrating ecommerce into our Artist Community we believe has the potential to transform the media industry—ultimately increasing opportunities for musicians to promote and sell their creations.

Jonathan Thomas, the Chief Information Officer at Avid, and I also had the opportunity to share details on how our traditional web store, in-app purchases in Pro Tools, and the ability to sell and be paid on the community, are all driven by the same ecommerce engine. This engine is directly tied into our sales and service backbone provided by Salesforce.

The new community commerce functionality, featured in this video, will be available in the Artist Community in the near future. Once available, our customers can easily create assets with Pro Tools and other solutions on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, showcase their work, purchase plug-ins, publish assets to the community, sell music across the marketplace, and collaborate with both professional and aspiring artists.

While the keynote presentation gave a high-level overview of our Artist Community and in-context ecommerce, we also presented at a smaller breakout session focused on Avid’s cloud community and ecommerce platform. With 600 people in attendance,Sameer Khasnis, Director of IT at Avid, and I spoke in-depth about the architecture and strategy behind the community and marketplace, and its success to date.

Jonathan Thomas, Avid’s CIO (middle), and I (right) participated in a Q&A with Salesforce's Mike Micucci, Senior Vice President of Product Management (left), about the role the ecommerce engine plays across the webstore, Pro Tools, and Artist Community.

Dreamforce 2015 was an incredible experience and perfect opportunity to help us spread the word about our evolving Artist Community. We even attracted Forbes.com’s attention as an early adopter of  the ecommerce solution of Salesforce partner Cloudcraze and the Salesforce community cloud products. 

We’ll continue work with Salesforce and its partners to bring you an innovative Artist Community where you can connect, collaborate and be heard.

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