Elevate Your Sound With Top Music Production Pros Thanks to SoundBetter, Now Available in Avid’s Artist Community

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It’s no secret that sound is a key component of a song. A good sounding song will get listeners to stop and hear more. On the other hand, mediocre sound will not pass playlist curation, no matter how good the music, lyrics or performance are.  Even the most experienced musicians with dozens of albums to their name continue to work with outside producers, professional mixing & mastering engineers and session musicians.

If you aren’t working this way now, you might want to try. And now you can, more easily than ever before.

SoundBetter is a marketplace of top music production talent, ready and willing to help you sound great.  SoundBetter has collected and vetted the industry’s leading music production pros onto one platform, through which they are interested in working with you. With dozens of Grammy award winners and top production pros on SoundBetter, musicians everywhere now have access and a safe environment to remotely hire the best music production professionals in the world.

Want to work with Kanye West’s Producer, Britney Spears’ background vocalist, Hoobastank’s Drummer, Jars of Clay Keyboardist, Jamiroquai’s Guitarist, Joe Cocker’s Bass player, Herbie Hancock’s recording engineer, Morrissey’s guitar player, Frank Ocean’s Mixing Engineer, The Killer’s Mixing Engineer, George Michael’s Mastering Engineer?  You can do that through SoundBetter

SoundBetter services are now available through Avid’s Artist Community. Avid announced partnering with SoundBetter at NAMM, with the goal of bringing value to the Avid’s Artist Community, in the form of access to SoundBetter’s curated talent.

“The industry was very fragmented.” says SoundBetter founder Shachar Gilad. “Before SoundBetter, musicians would ask their friends for recommendations and would end up working locally with whoever their friends happened to know. There was a real need for a marketplace that improved the experience, giving musicians access to the best pros regardless of where they are, securely, and at most competitive prices, while at the same time giving creative pros a platform to easily market their services and get work. That’s what SoundBetter is.  Partnering with Avid to now bring these capabilities to Avid’s large community of creators makes a lot of sense.”

If you are an experienced music production professional, you can sign up to SoundBetter to get work. SoundBetter has delivered over $4M worth of work to the artists and music production pros on the platform.

“It’s difficult for musicians to earn a living.” Gilad notes. “The income curve is very steep, with a tiny fraction of musicians earning well, and millions of others scraping by – waiting for a royalty check, or playing gigs that barely cover costs, and often holding down day jobs. There are singers, songwriters, audio engineers and producers on SoundBetter who were stuck in this loop until recently, and now earn respectable income working part-time out of their studios for clients on the other side of the world through SoundBetter. It feels good to enable that.”

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Shachar Gilad is the Founder and CEO of SoundBetter - the leading marketplace for music production talent. Before SoundBetter Shachar was Director of Product Marketing at Waves Audio, worked at Apple with their Pro Apps Product Marketing team, and is a musician, producer and speaker at MBA programs, startup accelerators and conferences worldwide.