Exclusive Interview with Drake Producer Noah “40” Shebib—Part Two

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The first thing you should know about Noah “40” Shebib is that my man truly and deeply loves music. The second thing to know is that he also loves music technology. In part two of my exclusive interview with 40, we talk about how his passion for both music and technology has helped him achieve the creative and commercial success he enjoys today. For those of you who haven’t heard part one of our interviews, you can check it out here.

Noah “40” Shebib and Avid AR Manager Anthony Gordon chopping it up in Toronto

In this interview 40 talks about his influences, working with Jay-Z and how some people might (foolishly) confuse making personal records as being “soft”. He also shares his history with Pro Tools, what gear he used to get started as a producer, and what he’s using now to make records. For those of you interested in production, you’ll definitely want to hear how he’s using technology to make hit records everywhere from hotel rooms to world class studios.

Making hit records day and night can put a dude in a good mood

Take a listen to Part Two of our exclusive interview with Noah “40” Shebib

Thanks again to 40 for taking the time to open up his studio and share some of his knowledge and experiences. For the aspiring producers out there, I hope you were able to learn a few things from our man. His story is the perfect example of what it takes to make it in the music industry. Getting that lucky break helps. But putting yourself in the position to get that break—and being ready to handle it—is what it really takes to be successful.

Drake & Trey Songz – “Successful”

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