Why the First Person to Register for Avid Connect 2016 Is Saying “Don’t Miss It!”

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I was introduced to Pro Tools and its capabilities in 2005, immediately switching over to the software. Shortly after I made the switch, I decided there were certain instances where I could have a firmer grip on what I was doing; I wanted to be better. With that thought, I took an Avid training course, transforming myself from your average user to an Avid certified expert, with broadened horizons, an improved workflow and an overall better product that I was delivering to my clients. This training put my career on the fast track. After making such great strides, my next thought was “how do I continue to get better?” The answer: Attending Avid Connect.

Since my first Avid Connect experience in 2014, the event has seen a lot of traction, every year it is larger; those who go to the event once return. Coming off of 2015, it was clear to me that I would go to this year’s event; I also knew that 2016 would sell out faster than the previous year’s, which is why I was so eager to purchase my ticket. Here are a few reasons why I made sure I got a spot at Avid Connect 2016.


Meeting community leaders and collaborators

Avid Connect is a chance to come together every year and catch up with industry leaders in a central location. This event is as much for the industry as NAB, and it is a place where you can connect with the industry’s experts. There are some many interesting people and conversations to be had here.

Last year, I was introduced to a gentleman who works as an educator in LA, and since then, we have collaborated on a few projects, aiming to intensify the direction of training. Our collaboration will continue at Avid Connect 2016.

“There is a huge sense of community here; we are all in this together.”

—Markus Riegler, Head of Audio Post at SpotBot, Inc.

Contributing to turning new ideas into reality

The event kicks off with an inspiring main stage presentation. Here, attendees can hear first where Avid is, where they are headed and any new product releases. Back in 2014, I thought the announcement of the Avid Everywhere Vision was extremely ambitious. In 2015, I realized that it was doable, and this year I think attendees are going to experience tangible results. Being a member of the Avid Customer Association, I felt like I was a part of this process. There is a huge sense of community here; we are all in this together.

My customers are constantly looking for better quality products at a faster pace, which requires collaboration and integrated workflows. I find learning about the Avid Everywhere integrated approach and how all Avid products tie together very beneficial for this reason. This approach makes my life easier, in making it possible to deliver this superior product in a shorter amount of time.

“We, as users, should be interested in getting our feedback to the people that need it.”

—Markus Riegler, Head of Audio Post at SpotBot, Inc.

Sharing ideas

With access to technical people, whether it is a Software Engineer or Marketing Manager, this is an opportunity to let your voice be heard. This event gives you access to people that you do not have on speed dial, and the opportunity to pick their brains and communicate your feedback, because they are there to listen. We, as users, should be interested in getting our feedback to the people that need it.


Strengthening my craft

I am excited to see that Avid has taken feedback from previous events into consideration, with the creation of even deeper and more technical educational sessions. As an educator, I am looking forward to attending a variety of sessions throughout different tracks, where I think the information would be helpful to pass on. I am most eager to attend the “Audio Best Practices for Video Editing” session, for the benefit of my business and to educate myself in integrating new processes and workflows and improve my current workflow.


Celebrating doing what I love

That aside, attending this event is very fun.  A weekend in Vegas with likeminded people and motivational speakers, it’s a no brainier.

For those of you, who are thinking about attending, know that Avid Connect is the best money and time you will spend. If you are at all interested in Audio Editing, Video Editing, or Avid products, don’t miss this!

Join us at Avid Connect 2016!

Be there to experience the future in motion, April 15 – 17, 2016 at the Wynn Las Vegas.

I am head of audio post at SpotBot, Inc. and a passionate music composer/engineer. A truly multidisciplinary audio engineer. Pro Tools HD has been my DAW of choice for over 10 years.