This University’s Hands-On Approach to Media Education is Helping Students Land the Best Jobs

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Fort Hays State University, located in Hays, Kansas, is taking a hands-on approach to media education by teaching students industry-standard creative tools and workflows.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing their Informatics department chair and one of their Associate Professors, a broadcast industry veteran, about their vision and how they are realizing it by partnering with Avid. I found our discussion very insightful. Having been in the broadcast technology industry for over 17 years, I am always interested in hearing customer’s talk about their journeys, what they’re facing, and why they make the choices they make.

Myself (L) with Tobias Yoshimura (C) and Melissa Hunsicker Walburn (R) from Fort Hays State University

I was impressed by their connection to their students’ success, their passion for the media industry and the great investments they’re making, both personally and as an educational institution, to create a world-class media studies program that will connect them to students not only in Kansas, but all around the world.

Ft. Hays has a winning attitude, continually striving for excellence, not only in their athletics, but in their faculty, curriculum, facilities and student experience. The value they provide to their students and to companies who hire their graduates really stands out. Here are a few things I learned during our talk.

Hays has some incredibly talented students in their Media Studies program. You will be amazed at the reel they shared with me and the audience during our chat.

Universities have to differentiate themselves to compete. Some of their key challenges are recruitment, showing students a return on their investment, and keeping their curriculum and tools current considering how rapidly technology changes.

FHSU is taking a fresh approach as an Avid Learning Partner. They’re able to leverage Avid curriculum and support to achieve their goals. Students can attain “Avid Certification” in several different programs to help them land the best jobs and hit the ground running. Their most recent implementation of an Avid Everywhere news production solution enables them to train students in a hands-on newsroom environment. Upon successful completion of the program, student will be Avid Certified in iNEWS, the world’s leading newsroom management system.  Just think about the job opportunities they’ll have. The more success FHSU has with career placement, the more students they’ll be able to recruit.

Hays sees the importance of partnering with industry leaders like Avid. They want to teach students about media production using industry-standard tools to prepare them for success. Their vision aligns with the Avid Everywhere vision—helping content creators and media organizations connect with consumers more powerfully, efficiently, collaboratively, and profitably. FHSU embraces Avid Everywhere to empower their students to become the content creators of tomorrow, whether in music, film, or TV.

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With over 20 years at Avid, I am amazed by our customers, their work, and their journeys, as they continually evolve to embrace significant industry and viewing audience transformation. As Senior Marketing Manager for Broadcast & Media, I’ll be sharing here just how we are focused on bringing solutions to market that address broadcasters’ needs.