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From July 10 to August 10, 2018, Krotos Audio are proud to be partnering with Avid to offer 40% OFF Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro (plus the included Krotos Bundle Library), Weaponiser Basic and Weaponiser Fully Loaded via the Avid Marketplace.

These unique and innovative plug-ins offer Pro Tools users powerful, high-speed creation of sound design for music, post-production and game audio. Create monsters, animals, robots, weapons, Foley, other unique vocal, voiceover and sound effects plus much more – advancing creativity and shortening the critical path from your imagination to the final mix.

The ALL NEW Reformer Pro uses advanced signal analysis to allow the performance of sound effects via a microphone or any other audio input – changing source audio into nearly any sound you want.

The plug-in profiles your input sound in real-time, and then drawing from a palette of library sounds, uses that profile to sculpt a new sound effect.

It also responds differently to a variety of frequency content and using its procedural audio technology, users can take advantage of many Reformer libraries, or build your own.

Paula Fairfield, sound designer on Game of Thrones believes that Reformer is “insanely awesome”, and told Vanity Fair that when designing dragons for Game Of Thrones, “she wasn’t sure how she would have done all this if Reformer hadn’t been released.”

Weaponiser offers a variety of professionally recorded weapons, carefully designed presets with high-end, real-time synthesis and unparalleled sound quality – making it the ultimate ‘go to’ tool-kit for creating dynamic assets.

The Basic version offers a total of 952 assets, 515 edited Weapon recordings, 4 weapons, 398 Sweeteners and 39 IRs and 70 presets. It also allows you to import your own assets, whilst the Fully Loaded version offers a total of 2288 assets, 1596 edited Weapon recordings, 13 weapons, 692 sweeteners and 39 IRs and 135 presets.

Beat makers and music producers using Pro Tools can also bullet proof your sound design and access a collection of drum presets to layer up and customise your own loops and kits.

Charles Maynes, Academy Award Winning Sound Editor who has worked on films and games including Spiderman, Total Recall and Call Of Duty, loves “the immediacy that it offers.”

Dehumaniser 2 offers a unique suite of different DSP effects designed for voice transformation, producing studio-quality monster, robot and other voice over and vocal effects in real-time. Dehumaniser has wowed Hollywood and the video games industry when it was used to create creature sounds in blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Jungle Book, Far Cry 4 and Doom.

The software was also used on Stranger Things by legendary Sound FX Editor Craig Henighan – as demonstrated at the Avid booth during NAMM 2018.

Will Morton, former sound designer for Grand Theft Auto believes that Dehumaniser is “really in a league of its own” and that “there is nothing else like it.”


Get 40% off the above Krotos plug-ins before August 10 via the Avid marketplace.

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