Get the AIR Creative FX Collection Plus Plug-in Suite for just $49

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The original AIR Creative FX collection has been used on countless hit albums, blockbuster films, primetime television projects, and more. They’re an essential part of any Pro Tools mixing workflow.

And now, AIR is upping the ante with the new Creative FX Collection Plus—a new plug-in suite with 20 classic AIR FX plug-ins and eight new ones designed on customer requests and feedback.

The AIR Creative FX collection includes everything you need for creative mixing and production— including reverbs, compressors, equalizers, delays, filters and more. And for a limited time, you can upgrade to the entire suite of AIR FX plug-ins for just $49.

Let’s break that down real quick: that’s 28 amazing plugins for less than the price of one regular plug-in. Here’s a quick look at the newest plug-ins in the collection:


  • AIR Pumper creates a rhythmic pumping effect, similar to that of sidechain compression, with an assignable speed, depth and envelope shape.
  • AIR Spectral analyzes an incoming signal and determines which frequencies will and will not be part of the resynthesized output signal. Set the incoming signal with the Filter By controls, and then play with the “dissolve,” envelope, and stereo phase controls to experiment with the sound.
  • AIR Diffusor Delay is a line effect that is synchronized to your session tempo and uses an adjustable amount of diffusion, thus emulating the dissipation of echoes in reverberant space.
  • AIR TubeDrive emulates the sound of the signal being played through a mildly “overdriven” tube amp, creating a warm, smooth-sounding distortion.
  • AIR Compressor changes the dynamic range of a signal by automatically reducing its gain if it exceeds a certain level (the threshold).
  • AIR Maximizer is a limiter optimized for professional mastering.
  • AIR Parametric EQ is four-band parametric equalizer with four independent EQ ranges.
  • AIR Saturation Filter applies a filter to an incoming audio signal and then applies a selectable type of distortion reduction to that filtered signal.


Take advantage of this special offer and bring home this powerful plug-in suite for just $49. Your mixes will thank you.

Upgrade Your AIR FX Plug-ins For $49

AIR Creative FX Collection Plus offers 8 new plug-ins—and adds multi-platform compatibility to your favorite Pro Tools plug-ins.


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