Simplicity in Mixing

By in Get Started Fast with Pro Tools

As we move through the creative process, and the song comes together, we have been doing rough mixing of the track levels with the faders so we can judge how the tracks all sound against each other. At any time, as you build tracks, you can do rough mixes and bounce them out so you can listen to the current state of the song on your favorite listening device or in the car, but once all the record and editing is completed it’s time show you how to do a final mix of the song.

Pro Tools is the music industry standard mixing system so you have the best tools at your disposal to make your song sound as good as it gets. In this Episode 6 of Get Started Fast with Pro Tools, we look at balancing the tracks against each other, how to use plug-ins for dynamics and EQ control, how to add reverb and space as well as using groups and how to use AudioSuite plug-ins.

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