Get Started Fast with Sibelius and NotateMe

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Get Started Fast with Sibelius and NotateMe

Get started fast handwriting notation with a pen and tablet in NotateMe and exporting the composition into Sibelius. Sibelius comes bundled with Neuratron’s PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite which includes the notation handwriting application NotateMe Lite. PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate version, with extended handwriting features, is also available, either as a standalone app or bundled with Sibelius in the Sibelius + Ultimate Bundle. This workflow is illustrated with Surface Pro but can be used with any Windows or Mac OSX pen and tablet.

Check out the Get Started Fast with Sibelius series of videos to learn the basics of creating with Sibelius.


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Get Your Free 30-Day Trial

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  • David Hanyane

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for being available to assist people like me. I purchased Sibelius 7.1.3 a few years back, and would like to install it on my second laptop. However I am struggling to do it as it brings up the following error:

    Runtime Error (at 1:0):

    Cannot Import


    However, I noted that whenever I try to install using the Installation disk, the 5 digit number before the .tmp in the Error Code above (the one I bolded and underlined), keeps changing. For instance the whole code changed from the above-stated to:

    Then it also changed to:

    Please assist me if it is possible. I need to use this Software on my new laptop.

    God bless,

    David Hanyane
    +2784 734 6313