Giles Martin on Producing for The Beatles

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Award-winning music producer, composer and arranger Giles Martin has long been combining his unique family legacy with the power of Avid Everywhere. As the son of producer, and the legendary ‘fifth Beatle’, Sir George Martin, Giles continues The Beatles legacy.

In the first of a 5 series video interview, Giles discusses what it takes to be a producer and looks at the ways in which he’s used Avid Pro Tools to create some of the most critically acclaimed studio recordings, stage shows, TV and film works, all based around the music of the most notorious British rock band in history.

Music production was something that Giles Martin was actually not encouraged to pursue as a career. Martin re-calls: “My dad actually tried to persuade me not to work in music – he wanted me to get a ‘proper job’, whatever that is! Sadly, he became deaf when I was a teenager, so at the age of about 15, I became his ears in the studio. I’ve been in and out of studios since the day I was born, and have really learnt everything I know from him.”

Martin said, “It really varies and depends on experience and passion. It also relies on the tools you use for your craft, and that’s where Pro Tools has always given me an edge. With the Avid Pro Tools | S6, I like the fact that I can come into the studio and open a session and it’s all just there. I don’t have to do anything.”

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