Glovision Kudan Studio Equips Its Dubbing Rooms with Two Pro Tools | S6 Systems

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As one of the leading post production houses in Japan, Glovision Inc. provides dubbing services for a variety of content for primarily international productions. These include dramas, anime — such as the long-running Japanese TV animation series, “Sazae-san” — documentaries and games.

In 2015, the company opened a new facility in Kudanshita, a district of Tokyo, called Glovision Kudan Studio. Built in a quiet area near the Yasukuni Shrine, the studio attracted a great deal of attention when it opened, introducing a new large-scale post-production facility containing nine audio mixing rooms and five editing suites.

The nine mixing rooms include two rooms, named Dubbing Room 301 and Dubbing Room 201, which have the Pro Tools | S6 installed as the main console system. Equipment in both rooms support 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound and conform to Dolby Atmos Cinema and Dolby Atmos Home specifications, respectively. The facility is also fully compatible with 3D audio production.

“We used the ICON D-Control system in our previous studio, so it was an easy decision to install Pro Tools | S6,” says Mr. Masahiro Abe, mixing engineer, assistant section chief of Glovision Technical Department.

Recently, most people have started to do their mixing “in the box,” Mr. Abe says. “In studios with large-scale mixing desks, they are often used only as monitor controllers. Almost all of the work in the anime industry can be done in Pro Tools, so we never considered installing a digital console in the new dubbing rooms. Also, as it was a new studio, we wanted to install the most cutting edge product. In that respect, Pro Tools | S6 was the best option.”

The Pro Tools | S6 in Dubbing Room 301 is a large-scale M40 system equipped with 48 faders, nine knobs (12 knob modules) and six display modules. Mr. Takuya Miura, section chief of Glovision, comments, “We are currently the largest S6 installation in the Asia Pacific area today.”

“At the beginning it seemed difficult to put together a Pro Tools | S6 installation of this scale, and our system integrator, TAC SYSTEM, INC., first suggested that we link two together, but we really wanted to assemble the system using just one. It was then that a fortuitously timed joint kit for linking Pro Tools | S6 control surfaces was released, allowing us to put together this kind of large-scale system,” says Mr. Miura.

With the studio committed to the Dolby Atmos Cinema format, a custom-made monitor manufactured by Studio Equipment was also installed to support Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 speaker configurations, with the controller section embedded in the control surface of the Pro Tools | S6. For the video playback system, a Pro Tools | Video Satellite and a 4K-compatible video interface was implemented along with Avid media storage for sharing video footage.

Dubbing Room 201 has an M40 with 24 faders installed, fitted with three display modules. But other than this, the minimum possible configuration of one knob module and one process module was suitable. Like Dubbing Room 301, an embedded monitor controller was specially made by Studio Equipment.

Now that the Glovision Kudan Studio project is complete, Mr. Miura says, “Thanks to the help of many companies, we have built a fantastic studio.”  Mr. Abe says, “I made a lot of selfish demands, asking for buttons here and switches there. As a result of that, we ended up creating a good studio, so I now want to go on and get into Dolby Atmos content production work.”

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