How “Stranger Things” Happened — Go Behind the Scenes With the Post Production Team

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In 2016, audiences around the world couldn’t get enough of Stranger Things, the unexpected hit series. The show pays homage to iconic 80s films by directors like John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg—with a storyline that’s nostalgic yet refreshingly original.

The show grew into a phenomenon largely by word of mouth. The show’s success is a testament to its excellent writing, editing, and razor-sharp attention to detail—plus amazing performances by its cast of charismatic and endearing actors.

I was joined by the Stranger Things post production team, including editor Kevin D. Ross, editor Dean Zimmerman, first assistant editor Katheryn Naranjo, and first assistant editor Nat Fuller. They provided insight into their creative process and editing workflow, and explained how they used Avid solutions to create the unique look, feel, and vibe for the show.


  • Discover the formula for Stranger Things’ breakout success
  • Learn the techniques they used to create the show’s nostalgic feel
  • Get first-hand insight into their editing workflows on the show
  • Learn how collaboration fueled their creative process


Hear straight from the post production team behind one of the most exciting shows in recent memory.

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