WEBINAR: Your Involvement in the Avid Customer Association Shapes the Future of Our Industry

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When you sit down at your desk every morning, whether it’s in a post production house, newsroom or home office, do these familiar thoughts enter your mind?  “My deadlines are mounting by the hour…and I need to create and package my projects faster than ever. Am I getting the most out of my Avid solutions? What can I do to help accelerate each step in the workflow?” You’re not alone. The Avid Customer Association hears you and is fighting for change.

Matthew Schneider, Pierre Maillat, Marcos Obadia, David Colantuoni, and Tim Carroll (Left to Right)

The ACA community of more than 4,000 members and growing is working with industry thought leaders and creative artists across the globe to solve these issues and design the workflows you need to succeed Join the conversation and see how we’re making a difference.

To start, watch the on-demand ACA leadership webinar and learn what we’ve been up to these past few months, including recent achievements, and how your involvement can make a difference.

Our featured speakers in the webinar include: Matthew Schneider, Director of Technology, Technicolor Post-Works; Marcos Obadia, VP of engineering, Univision; David Colantuoni, Sr. Director of Product Management, Avid; and Tim Carroll, VP of Product Management for Audio, Avid; and myself, Pierre Maillat, Head of Technical Studies and Architecture, Canal Plus

We can’t do it alone. The bigger the community grows, the louder our voice gets. Get Involved!

Join the Avid Customer Association

Join the Avid Customer Association

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Head of Technical Studies and Architecture at Canal Plus and proud member of the ACA’s Products and Solutions Advisory Council. Working for almost 30 years in the broadcast industry, my current focus is efficiency improvements in content creation workflows and viewer experience enhancements.